Tiger cubs arrive at Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Melati and Mya to drive awareness of wild tigers

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Melati and Mya | © Kelly McGannon

In a continued effort to support wild tiger conservation, Jamala Wildlife Lodge and the National Zoo & Aquarium have partnered with Dreamworld in Queensland to raise awareness about the plight of wild tigers.

The National Zoo & Aquarium and Dreamworld are both ZAA Welfare-accredited members of the Zoo and
Aquarium Association (ZAA). As part of this partnership, Dreamworld’s beloved eight-and-a-half-month-old tiger cubs Melati and Mya have moved south to one of Australia’s largest zoos to continue the incredible work they do as Ambassadors for the conservation of tigers in the wild.

Melati and Mya will continue to live together in the multi-award winning Jamala Wildlife Lodge and will be on
display at the National Zoo & Aquarium. By booking a Jungle Bungalow at Jamala Wildlife Loge, guests have
the opportunity to spend the night with the cub sisters with only glass separating them. Regardless of whether
guests are relaxing in their lounge area, resting in bed or taking a leisurely bath, they will only be a heartbeat away from these amazing animals.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Jamala Wildlife Lodge and the National Zoo & Aquarium’s Business Manager, Russell Jackson said: “We are
delighted to welcome Melati and Mya to our family at Canberra’s Jamala Wildlife Lodge and National Zoo &
Aquarium, where they will play an important role in engaging our guests about the plight of wild tigers, along
with our four other tiger residents Ravi, Baru, Aceh and Ndari”.

Dreamworld’s General Manager Life Sciences, Al Mucci, said both the National Zoo & Aquarium and
Dreamworld are at the forefront of the global movement to save tigers, raising funds for international tiger
conservation programs and combating illegal wildlife trade in collaboration with the international conservation
agency the Wild Cats Conservation Alliance.

“With less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, initiatives funded by accredited members of the Zoo and Aquarium
Association, such as Dreamworld and the National Zoo & Aquarium provide critical support to field projects in
Indonesia, Russia and Nepal that are ensuring the survival of these magnificent animals,” Mucci said.

“Much of the support comes from pledges from visitors who are inspired to take action on behalf of tigers in
the wild.”

Dinner at Jamala Lodge includes a close-up wildlife experience

Jamala Wildlife Lodge and the National Zoo & Aquarium contribute significantly to many breeding programs,
to help raise awareness and save animals from extinction. They also raise money through the National Zoo &
Aquarium Conservation Trust (NZACT) to donate to local and overseas conservation initiatives.

To learn more, visit jamalawildlifelodge.com.au and nationalzoo.com.au/

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