Cox & Kings develops Luxury Small Group Journeys

Program currently only available for US travellers

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Cox & Kings in the Americas is the latest luxury company to extend is product range into the high-end touring space. The company has released a new selection of Luxury Small Group Journeys, coinciding with its 260th anniversary. The program is debuting in seven destinations including Peru, Morocco, Japan, China, Spain & Portugal, South Africa and India.

The new tours offer guests the same exclusive access and high service standards as the company’s bespoke individual journeys, only now within the comfort of an intimate group of travellers, with an average of 18 guests and a maximum of 24 on each departure. The advantage of which “allows us to access sights that larger groups cannot,” Cox & Kings said.

“Our new Luxury Small Group Journeys celebrate Cox & Kings’ 260 years of passion for global exploration and the type of immersive travel that truly enriches our lives. They enable our clients to book confidently and be assured of an unforgettable experience, all backed by the company’s global operations infrastructure,” said Patrick Richards, President, Cox & Kings.

Patrice Willoughby, Cox & Kings’ Vice President, Sales added: “There’s high demand from our luxury travel advisors for a premium group product such as this.”

Departures are guaranteed based on a minimum of two passengers and have been designed by a team of Cox & Kings’ expert Destination Specialists who take great consideration planning each itinerary.

Included are “Exclusive Access” elements, such as a private meal with a world-renowned chef in Peru, to baking pastries with a local Moroccan family. Premium food and wine experiences have also been incorporated into the Luxury Small Group Journeys, from the Welcome Event to local cooking classes from Michelin-starred restaurants through to the Signature Celebration Dinner.

Jared Alster, Vice President, Marketing, Cox & Kings, The Americas, explained the rationale behind the program exclusively to LATTE, saying that Cox & Kings, the Americas has “long been a leader in bespoke, private luxury travel to the world’s most fascinating destinations.

“We realised that the luxury market is evolving and that there is a need for a more accessible luxury option. Our new Luxury Small Group Journeys will continue our tradition of providing unique experiences, expertly planned itineraries and premium accommodations, but at a price point much less than a bespoke, private journey. For example, our new Peru: Land of the Incas luxury group journey starts at just US$5,295 per person for 9 days versus US$10,000+ for a similar private journey”.

Cox & Kings’ Luxury Small Group Journeys is aiming to target a wide variety of luxury travellers, Alster said.

“We expect baby boomers to be our primary client, as they are currently. However, the entire idea of luxury is being redefined by the millennial generation. Luxury no longer means a certain price point or status level, but rather, experiencing unforgettable moments that are ‘brag worthy’ and shareable.”

The luxury program is currently only available for Cox & Kings’ clients in the USA, but Alster said the Australian arm of the business offers similar trips and tours, Small Group Tours and Private Journeys.

Alster also confirmed the luxury touring range would be broadened beyond its modest launch options.

“We have big plans to expand this program in 2019 and 2020, adding new destinations throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and beyond. New journeys and destinations will be announced in early 2019. We wanted to move quickly to get this product into the market and launched with a selection of destinations that are popular amongst our current clients,” he said.

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