Backstage USA famil video wrap

Brand USA and Air New Zealand's famil highlights for 60 agents in Australia and New Zealand

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Brand USA, in partnership with Air New Zealand, arranged six itineraries for the 2018 “Backstage USA” MegaFam, which took place 16–25 August 2018 and allowed 60 travel agents from Australia and New Zealand to experience the United States.

Inspiration for the MegaFam came from Brand USA’s second giant-screen documentary, America’s Musical Journey, which was released earlier this year. The film explores the diverse musical heritage of the United States through on-screen visits to cities and towns across the US landscape that have prominent links to music.

After the agents from Down Under – 30 from Australia and 30 from New Zealand – completed their group itineraries, they assembled in Las Vegas, Nevada, the “entertainment capital of the world” for sightseeing and the MegaFam’s grand finale. They also shared their impressions of, and information about, the places they saw and the things they did while following their group itineraries.

This was the fifth yearly Brand USA MegaFam for travel professionals from Australia and New Zealand and it is the first time this MegaFam has included visits to Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, Illinois, and Michigan.

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