Three new expeditions with B&R

Butterfield & Robinson traverse Rwanda, Nepal and Mongolia

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Butterfield & Robinson has launched three new expedition trips for 2020 to Rwanda, Nepal and Mongolia.

In B&R’s signature slow travel style, the new departures include immersive luxury experiences in transformative destinations, including one of the smallest and most intriguing countries in Africa’s mainland, Russia’s nomadic neighbour, and the multi-ethnic home of Mount Everest.

The new Butterfield & Robinson expedition for 2020 include:


Rwanda Walking

  • From USD$14,895 per person (9 days / 8 nights).
  • Scheduled departures: 20-28 May, 2020 and 1-9 November, 2020.
  • Single supplement: USD$2,000.

Guests will revel in Rwanda’s contemporary revival and immerse themselves in the country’s exceptional beauty: exploring traditional arts and crafts in the vibrant capital city of Kigali, wandering through Africa’s largest protected high-altitude rainforest, tracking some of the world’s last remaining Silverback gorillas in the Virunga mountain range, ambling through famed tea and coffee plantations and strolling along the ridge of gorgeous lakes dotted with traditional fishing villages. Along the way, guests will be welcomed by a local population eager to share their stories of resilience and optimism. Most importantly, their stories will be about a country overcoming its past and working towards a future that is peaceable, viable and authentically Rwandan.

Designed by B&R Travel Expert Christine Tucker.


Mongolia Active Expedition

  • From USD$10,495 per person 10 days, 9 nights.
  • Scheduled departures: 26 June – 5 July, 2020 and 29 July – 7 August, 2020.
  • Single Supplement USD$2,500 – private options are always available.

To experience Mongolia with B&R is not just to absorb the country by travelling through it, but to embrace the country’s traditional Nomadic way of life right alongside its people, unrestricted by fences, locks, private property or even roads. Guests will meander through the South Gobi Desert, relax and restore in remote camp lodges, and stay in their very own purpose-built private ‘ger’ set-up among the famous Singing Dunes. They’ll discover local fauna, flora and herders and dine beneath endless skies against ever-changing backdrops. On foot and on camel, in kayaks and in saddles of all kinds, guests will travel alongside experts and local friends to discover the Mongolia that others miss.

Designed by B&R Travel Expert Chris Litt.


Nepal Walking

  • From USD$9,895 per person (10 days, 9 nights)
  • Scheduled departures: 21 February- 1 March, 2020; 5-14 March, 2020; 5-14 November, 2020; and 24 December, 2020- 2 January, 2021
  • Single Supplement USD$2,100 – private options are always available

The ancient, mystical culture of Nepal, anchored by the mighty Himalayas, is best experienced on foot and through the lens of Nepalese myths, legends, songs and iconography. On this B&R journey, guests will trek to monumental holy stupas, see and learn about beautifully preserved ancient temples, smell the incenses of butter lamp-lit monasteries and immerse themselves in the legendary terrain Nepal has to offer. There’ll be no shortage of surprising wildlife, too, including rhinos, tigers and gazelles. Guests will also have the chance to gaze upon Mount Everest from a bird’s-eye view when they go on an exhilarating morning helicopter ride.

Designed by B&R Travel Expert Karen MacRae.

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