Scenic Eclipse enters dry dock

Ultra-luxe vessel relocates in Croatia

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UPDATE: Scenic Luxury Cruise & Tours has confirmed the repositioning of Scenic Eclipse to the Viktor Lenac shipyard in Croatia was a scheduled move, and that the ultra-luxury vessel will return to the Uljanik Shipyard in coming weeks.

In a statement to LATTE, the Australian-owned company said Scenic Eclipse was moved undertow “as part of scheduled dry dock”.

“She will remain in dry dock for approximately 10 days during which time standard works will be conducted included degreasing and high pressure washing of the hull, application of final anti-corrosive coats and final inspection processes before dry dock flooding.”

Scenic also said the return to the Uljanik shipyard will be “for final preparations leading to sea trials in June and launch on 15 August”.

Scenic has supplied a new video that shows Eclipse entering dry dock at the Viktor Lenac shipyard.

LATTE’s original story that was published on 1 May is featured below.


Scenic Eclipse exits Uljanik shipyard

Scenic Luxury Cruise & Tour’s maiden luxury ocean cruise ship, Scenic Eclipse, has been moved from the troubled Uljanik shipyard in Pula, Croatia. The vessel has been repositioned to the Viktor Lenac facility on the Croatian Adriatic Coast, approximately 130 kilometres to the east.

It is understood that the relocation of the “World’s First Discovery Yacht” will see the six-star ship repainted in dry dock ahead of her sea trials and final fit-out in coming weeks.

It is unclear if Scenic Eclipse operated under her own power, with amateur videos posted on YouTube suggesting the ship was guided by tugs to the Viktor Lenac shipyard late last week (see below).

The 228-passenger Scenic Eclipse is expected to launch its inaugural cruise on 15 August, nearly 12 months after the originally proposed launch date. Ongoing strikes and issues at the Uljanik yard forced Scenic to push back the six-star ship’s debut on three occasions, most recently last February.

LATTE sought comment from Scenic on the above and confirmation to see if the company intends to return Eclipse to the Uljanik Shipyard.

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