Women’s Only Travel flagged as new travel trend

Mindstyle: The Next Generation of Heath & Wellness report

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A new report released at ITLM Asia Pacific points to the next new trends in travel for Asia Pacific being women travelling with other women. The Mindstyle: The New Generation of Health & Wellness Travel study by Reuter: Intelligence, in partnership with ILTM, found that the percentage of solo women travellers outnumbered men at 63% compared to 36%.

Known as the “sheconomy”, women are the decision-makers for different forms of luxury, the report said. Citing China’s booking platform Ctrip, 70% of hotel bookings are made by female users and women accounted for 53.2% of decision-making in high-end tourism consumption this year. Women seek trust-worthy and safe travel experiences and hope to empower themselves physically and spiritually.

“Women-only wellness retreats are trending as well, as brands such as Escapada and SuperShe create spaces and communities for women to invigorate body and mind, discovering connections, friendships and fun [in] self-caring and soulful experiences,” the Reuter: Intelligence report said.

Image Credit: Escape Haven, Bali

In the study, Janine Hall, Founder and Owner of Bali’s Escape Haven says that women-only retreats offer the opportunity to rejuvenate and “fill up their own cup”.

“By investing in their wellbeing, women can live up to their full potential and ultimately, give back to others.”

“With our proximity to Australia and New Zealand, we do welcome women from these countries the most.”

“Many women come on a retreat looking for some time to relax and rejuvenate. Many have busy demanding jobs, while others balance being a parent and working also. We also find that women come on a retreat at transitional stages in their lives: when changing jobs, going through a separation, or moving into a new stage of life. In an age when being busy is glorified, we have more roles, responsibilities and obligations than ever before,” Hall said.

Image Credit: Escape Haven, Bali

Women’s Only Travel is just one of the topics covered in the study, which also delves into the world of wellness, travelling among sustainability, spa, dining, mental health, social media and more.

View the full report online here.

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