Boxing classes introduced at Bangkok five-star hotel

The St. Regis Bangkok curates Thai boxing into its wellness program

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Tapping into the global popularity of Thai boxing (Muay Thai), The St. Regis Bangkok has unveiled the first Thai boxing ring in a five-star Bangkok hotel. To coincide with the debut, the hotel also launched a wellness program incorporating training and dining experiences, developed by an on-staff expert and Executive Chef Chris Miller.

“Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand and has grown in popularity around the globe. The St. Regis Bangkok is proud to offer guests an on-staff Thai boxing instructor, Boonsanong Borchae – Coach Jack – to provide an elevated training experience,” Ms. Marta Martin, Hotel Manager of The St. Regis Bangkok. “Coach Jack also privately trains local celebrities and has more than 15 years of Thai boxing expertise.”

Steeped in tradition, Thai boxing is known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” for its combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. During customised sessions tailored for beginners through skilled practitioners, Coach Jack teaches traditions, rituals and customs of the sport. Training focuses on precision and safety while ensuring full enjoyment of their Thai boxing immersion. Complimentary equipment is provided.

The ring is located on the 15th floor Wellness Center and was designed to provide function with an eye towards safety and authenticity, with padded floors, ropes and corners. Training sessions are $44 per hour plus taxes for in-house guests, or $63 for non-guests.

Several additional options are offered to enhance a guest’s overall wellness:

  • Total Wellness Dining Program: A consultation with Chef Chris to create personalized meal programs including the Muscle Builder, Refuel and Calorie Watch. Pricing is based on meals chosen.
  • Fit & Go at ELEMIS Spa: F-EMS training at the ELEMIS Spa provides a full-body workout, working 350 muscles simultaneously to burn more than 1,000 calories in 25 minutes. The package includes a 30-minute massage and F-EMS session for $78.

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