Quark Expeditions reveals the name of next polar vessel

Coming soon - Heli-skiing and heli-hiking in the Arctic and Antarctic

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Polar cruise specialists, Quark Expeditions, will name its upcoming polar vessel Ultramarine. Billed as a “game-changer”, Ultramarine will offer guests adventure activities including heli-hiking and heli-skiing for the first time and rapid Zodiac deployments from multiple embarkation points.

“We picked the name Ultramarine because it links us directly to the sea, which of course is integral to our identity,” said Andrew White, President of Quark Expeditions. “But the word ‘ultra,’ especially by its modern-day definition, ‘beyond what is ordinary,’ reflects our signature approach to polar exploration.”

“We create expedition experiences that go beyond what others in the industry can offer, especially in terms of off-ship experiences. Ultramarine has been designed in a way that will continue to allow us to go beyond and take people to places no one else can,” White said.

Quark UltramarineThe ship will have a best-in-class 70-day operational range, advanced sustainability features and high-end, modern contemporary decor.

Quark says it will offer the “industry’s largest selection of adventure options”, including sea kayaking, paddling, hiking, mountaineering, cross-country skiing and stand-up paddle boarding. Two twin-engine helicopters will provide access to the polar slopes for the ultimate thrill-seeker.

Ultramarine will feature 20 Zodiacs accessible from four embarkation points, enabling passengers to be in the water in less than 20 minutes – half the industry average – “to enjoy more spontaneous off-ship adventures then previously possible”.

The ship will enter service in late 2020, with the inaugural season for Ultramarine expected to go on sale shortly. The first voyages will set sail in the Antarctic 2020 – 2021 season.

Quark Expeditions has partnerships with Virtuoso, Traveller Made and Signature Travel Network.

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