Expedition leader named for Crystal Expedition Cruises

David Sinclair has traversed the seven continents for over two decades

David Sinclair is departing the Expedition Leader role to pursue other opportunities.

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Crystal Expedition Cruises has appointed seasoned explorer David Sinclair as expedition leader for its upcoming ship Crystal Endeavor launching in August 2020.

Sinclair has spent over two decades traversing all seven continents with an emphasised expertise in the polar regions. He has shared his knowledge and passion for wilderness discoveries with travellers on bold expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, Ross Sea, Adelie Coast, South Georgia, Macquarie Island, the Falkland Islands, Greenland, Svalbard and the Canadian Arctic.

In his role, he will be involved in the planning and development of the vessel’s shoreside excursions, as well as leading a team of skilled expedition guides and experts.

“David has climbed the highest peaks north of the Arctic Circle, skied across Greenland and become an avid naturalist and nature photographer during his career,” said Crystal’s President and CEO, Tom Wolber. “The adventures that guests will have with Crystal Endeavor will be simply breathtaking, with many sites and experiences that top travellers’ bucket lists, as well as unexpected thrills that will present themselves along the journeys. David is an expert in identifying and maximising such opportunities and making unforgettable moments possible for travellers.”

“We understand the enormous privilege we have to explore these places and with that privilege comes the responsibility to minimise our impact and educate our guests along the way,” he added. “David’s focus on sustainability and increasing awareness about the earth’s most remote habitats complements Crystal’s own commitment to doing our part.”

As Crystal Expedition Cruises prepares for the ship’s maiden voyage in August 2020, Sinclair and the Crystal team are conducting comprehensive site inspections in some of the global destinations featured on Crystal Endeavor’s itineraries.

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