Savenio identifies the barriers holding back advisors from jumping ship

Survey finds 80% of new affiliates performed better outside of a bigger brand retail agency

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David Brandon Savenio
David Brandon, Managing Director, Savenio

Feeling uncertain about whether clients will follow them across from a traditional agency to smaller, niche organisations has been pinpointed as one of the primary concerns weighing on the minds of luxury travel advisors.

Managing Director of Savenio, David Brandon, says that despite front-line sellers wanting to earn more, they worry about the potential dilution of their loyal database and the security offered by a larger organisation.

“Putting aside fears of losing clients and the protection of a big brand are some of the biggest challenges we hear when people talk to us about becoming a Savenio affiliate,” Brandon explained to LATTE.

“They feel safe getting a weekly wage and not taking a risk, but from my perspective, we are not interested in taking a risk either,” Brandon said. “We look closely at an advisor’s business and assess their ability to work as part of the Savenio network, because we only sign those who we believe will be successful.”

He said that fundamentally the Savenio business model was built for experienced travel advisors with a strong client base.

“Savenio targets those who want to earn what they know they deserve and we can help to identify the advisors most likely to be successful [in facilitating this],” Brandon said.

The biggest motivator for a travel advisor wanting to make a change is to have the independence to run their business the way they want. Stemming from that, advisors know they can make more money. That theory rings true in results from a recent survey of Savenio advisors.

“They wanted independence and wanted to make more money,” he commented.

The Savenio boss said that if travel advisors possess a strong business, offer a high level of expertise and experience and a good work ethic, they can make more money “pretty easily”.

“Many advisors are worried their clients won’t follow them, but of course they will. Travel is personal and just like a good hairdresser, clients will follow them wherever they go if you offer great, reliable service.”
Savenio Managing Director, David Brandon

The vast majority of new affiliates of the luxury retail group, which now has 40 members in every state, have achieved stellar performances in their first year. A whopping 80% say they have done the same or better business-wise than they did the previous year at their prior agency. Even better, 25% had their best ever year within their first 12 months.

On average, more than 60% of associates said their business had improved 60%+ since joining Savenio.

Savenio Ballarat
Savenio Ballarat

“So the future is pretty optimistic for almost all our advisors,” Brandon commented.

“The luxury travel space is growing fast as people realise luxury doesn’t mean an excessively high price point.  It means having a really knowledgeable advisor who knows you, your preferences and your travel style and who can build a holiday that reflects your choices, even if that means a mix of high-end and more basic options in one trip.”
“Once clients have the experience of an advisor the calibre of a Savenio advisor, they recognise the value and security it offers and are keen to come back.”
In a recent in-house survey, Savenio quizzed its associates on the value of repeat and referral business. Sixty percent of respondents indicated that over 90% of their bookings came via those channels.
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Lead image: David Brandon, Savenio Managing Director in Oporto, Portugal.


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