Swedish Lapland’s Arctic Bath Hotel & Spa sets launch date

Over water in summer, over ice in winter

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The world’s first Arctic floating spa, Arctic Bath, has started accepting bookings for travel between February 2020 and February 2021.

The Arctic Bath Hotel & Spa comprises cabin accommodation and a spa and freezes into the ice of the Lule River in the winter and floats on top of the water in the summer. Accommodation will be in one of the six detached floating cabins or six additional cabins on land.

The Arctic Bath spa is inspired by the timber-floating era in the Arctic, when felled trees were transported downriver for processing. It will offer wellness, mindfulness and cleansing treatments through spa partner, Kerstin Florian. Circle-shaped, the Arctic Bath houses include one spa treatment room, four saunas, an outside cold bath, a hot bath, outdoor and indoor showers and two dressing rooms.

The approach to wellness is based on four cornerstones that reflect an integrated approach to wellness that is gaining traction worldwide: proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of face and body.

“The Arctic Bath has been eagerly anticipated over the last year ever since the plans were first announced,” says Jonathan Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel. “Not only is it a spectacular new space to stay, but it will offer a really different wellness experience that can’t be had anywhere else on earth. It is exciting to be one of the first to offer this to guests, allowing them to visit and stay at Arctic Bath as part of a wider luxury Arctic adventure.”

Guests at the new floating hotel and spa can experience the wellness benefits of alternating cold-water and hot-water dips and the sauna, with an extensive range of wellness experiences from massages to more bespoke crystal healing sessions.

The open centre of Arctic Bath spa houses a natural cold-water plunge pool with the water maintained at 3.9 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Off the Map Travel offers both summer and winter itineraries to Arctic Bath. Although every itinerary can be personalised, a 3-day Off the Map Travel Arctic Bath itinerary, including the new Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa, costs upwards of £3995 per person, excluding flights. This includes accommodation in a floating cabin, daily breakfast, a nightly five-course dinner, guided Northern Lights hunt, transfers and spa.

Summer Arctic Bath experiences are also available. Details on request.

For more information, see offthemap.travel/arctic-bath/

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