Check in to the Northernmost hotel in the world

The North Pole Igloos will open for one month only

Traveller Made member Luxury Action is accepting reservations for its new North Pole Igloos hotel concept. The ultra-unique experience will be available during the month of April 2020 for a limited number of guests, with prices starting at €95,000 (approx AU$150,000) for a three-night experience.

The sustainable and movable North Pole Igloo hotel concept consists of 10 heated domes. Each igloo is self contained, featuring its own heating, bathroom and a glass ceiling and wall to view the Northern Lights in all their glory.

Luxury Action has been operating in the North Pole, one of the most exclusive travel destinations, for years. In December 2018, the Lapland-based company opened Octola lodge (pictured in the gallery below), touting it as the ‘most exclusive five-star lodge and private wilderness in the Arctic region’.

Founder and CEO Janne Honkanen says the company’s clients share a similar concern for Arctic nature and the climate crisis. With more and more guests asking about the state of the Arctic, Honkanen said he realised there was an opportunity for travellers to experience the top of the world, where traditionally only Arctic explorers and scientists ventured, in a safe way.

Luxury Actions’ North Pole Igloo hotel is positioned on Svalbard’s glacier throughout the year in a tundra setting, and is priced from €48,000 (approx AU$78,000) for a three-night package.

During the month of April it will be repositioned to the North Pole which is when the three-night package jumps up in price. This package includes a two-night stay at Svalbard, two-hour helicopter flights and logistics to/from the North Pole, a night at the North Pole, camp manager, arctic wilderness guide, chef services and security.

“The season at the North Pole lasts one month only because it is the only month in the year you can travel there in a safe way,” he said. As a result of its portability, the camp can also be relocated according to weather conditions.

Guests booking the North Pole Igloos experience can tack on a stay at Octola, at an additional cost.

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