New luxury eco-friendly residence ship to make waves

Accommodating up to 1,000 residents, Storylines will enter service in 2023

US company Storylines has revealed grand plans to build a new residential luxury eco-friendly cruise ship. Scheduled to enter service in 2023, the vessel will have 627 fully furnished residences (most with balconies) and will circumnavigate the globe, stopping at over 100 ports around the world for three to five days.

With a capacity of around 1,000 residents, onboard the ship will have over 20 restaurants, a movie theatre, a library, 45 lounges, three pools and a garden farm.

The ship will utilise clean LNG fuel and features a sleek design to carve through the water. The vessel offers a water-level guest marina for easy embarkation/disembarkation, and a combination of large public and private spaces throughout. Onboard amenities include a micro-brewery, art studio, hydroponic farm, smoothie bar and more

“Storylines will welcome residents who are ready to start a new chapter of their lives, building a home-at-sea for a global journey of discovery and cultural immersion. Reimagining the cruise ship experience, Storylines is building a thriving residential community at sea that provides each member with the opportunity to live a premium life of freedom and exploration as part- or full-time owners,” the company said.

Storylines Co-Founder Alister Punton said Storylines’ mission is to deliver a sustainable, responsible, and thoughtful lifestyle for residents.

“We are so proud to introduce what we see as the first of its kind experience in the market. This new vessel is designed to cater to the unique community we are offering and every aspect of the ship from the room layout to the culinary offerings and the spa to the itinerary has been thoughtfully planned out.”

Our aim is to disrupt and revolutionise travel and lifestyle options for citizens-of-the-world who appreciate adventure,” noted Co-Founder Shannon Lee.

“Our goal is to attract like-minded residents who, at varying stages of their lives—whether early retirement, digital nomads or families that are looking for new ways to enhance their lifestyle—to integrate global travel and cultural immersion as part of their life’s journey.”

The product will offer “adventure-seeking experiences that are integrated into curated itineraries with immersive shore excursions”. Enriching educational and entertainment experiences, spa services that feature local elements, and a signature Chef’s Table Market Gallery will be offered on board.

Units on the ship will range from 22 square metres through to 224 square metres, and are priced from US$352,235 to over US$8 million for a premium two-level penthouse suite that accommodates up to six residents. Owners will have the option to make their residence available to rent.

Storylines is now taking pre-sale deposits for its the ship.

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