Virgin Galactic unveils spacewear system

Under Armour attire for Future Astronauts launched in New York

Sir Richard Branson at the launch of the Virgin Galactic Spacewear System
Sir Richard Branson at the launch of the Virgin Galactic Spacewear System

Virgin Galactic has unveiled the spacewear its astronauts will don on their space missions, now expected to commence in 2020. The custom-fit uniforms comprise of a base layer, spacesuit, footwear, training suit and limited-edition astronaut jacket.

Designed in partnership with sportswear manufacturer Under Armour, the astronaut apparel is “a unique combination of the requirement for comfort and utility matched by the ultimate focus on customer experience,” Virgin Galactic said.

The spacesuit is made from lightweight flight-grade fabrics, with cushioning in the elbows, knees and in the footwear to provide safety in out-of-seat zero gravity. The spacesuits are complemented by training suits which will help to optimise the effectiveness of astronaut preparation in the days immediately before spaceflight.

Future Astronauts will have theit country flags and name badges attached, and special suit pockets at the chest will provide a space to carry personal effects, such as photos of loved ones, “who will literally be close to the heart” of Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronauts.

“Every element of the Virgin Galactic customer journey is designed to enrich the profound and transformative qualities of the human spaceflight experience. For Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts, that life-changing, personal experience is eagerly anticipated and the newly unveiled spacewear has been specifically designed to support it,” Virgin Galactic said.

The system will also be worn by Virgin Galactic Mission Specialists on board VSS Unity’s crewed test spaceflights, prior to commercial flights which are currently expected to commence in 2020

An unveil event in New York showcased the spacewear system on a zero gravity, vertical catwalk, led by Sir Richard Branson in the spacesuit he will wear on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural commercial spaceflight.

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