Travel Oregon pushes new campaign message in Sydney

'Slightly Exaggerated' costume theme event lures crowds

Travel Oregon’s invited key trade, media and airline partners Thursday night [24 October, 2020] in Sydney to don their Oregon-inspired ‘Slightly Exaggerated’ costume, bring their happier state of wellbeing and dream about their next magical visit to Oregon for themselves or their customers.

Guests came dressed in their best versions of ‘Slightly Exaggerated’ in the lead up to Halloween.

Best costume of the night went to Ellen Goodwin from Flight Centre Hunters Hill. (She dressed as a bunny and made her own costume from scratch the day before the event). Honourable costume mention went to Tommy Lindblad from United Airlines (dressed as “United…always on time”!)

In 2018, Travel Oregon decided to do something no tourism brand has ever done: animate the state (As if the actual scenery in Oregon isn’t inspiring enough). In early 2019 Travel Oregon took the campaign to the next level with more stunning animation and only slight exaggerations of the wonder you’ll find in Oregon, like grey whales migrating through the sky, sea-stack creatures controlling the sunrise and tree spirits soaking in volcanic hot springs. Finally, just last week Oregon launched the next chapter of this evolving campaign – the heart-warming tale of two big-footed buds, Yeti and Squatch, who find happiness in the winter wonderland of Oregon.

“The goal of this campaign was to welcome and invite everyone to experience a happier state of being while travelling in Oregon,” said Travel Oregon CEO Todd Davidson. “As people are overwhelmed with the distractions of modern life, experiencing the wonders of Oregon can be the answer for that. Whether that respite is on a beach, in a high desert or under a forest canopy, there are abundant opportunities to unplug and reconnect with yourself and nature here in Oregon. We wanted to visualize the emotional experience of visiting Oregon. By using animation, we are able to capture experiences that go beyond traditional travel films.”

See Travel Oregon’s videos here, showcasing different locations, experiences and thrilling adventures in Oregon—from venturing deep into the Oregon Caves National Monument to paragliding over the Steens Mountain. This video features a cast of animated human characters, native flora and fauna and new fantastical beings, including mystical cloud-people and a sea-stack creature, to name a few.

In addition to the sweeping outdoor animated imagery highlighted in the video, the viewer also gets a taste of Oregon’s culinary bounty. In the restaurant scene, look for the bottle of Oregon Solidarity wine, a nod to the real-life collaboration between four Oregon wineries who came together to help the Rouge Valley wine region that was affected by the Southern Oregon wildfires last summer.

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Lead image: Todd Davidson, CEO, Travel Oregon; Joanne Motta, Travel Oregon; David Penilton, America’s Hub World Tours; Richard Boyles, Board Member – Travel Oregon; Karen McCardle, Travel Oregon; Greg Eckhart, Travel Oregon; Petra Hackworth, Travel Oregon; Katera Woodbridge, Oregon Coast Visitors Association and Corey Marshall, Travel Oregon.

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