Seven Seas Splendor’s bed destined to create an “Unrivalled Sleep at Sea”

Serene spa treatment will also unwind guests for a full night's rest

The US$200,000 bed in a top-of-the-line abode is not the only focal point of the Regent Suite set to debut aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ new ship, Seven Seas Splendor, in early 2020, but it is likely to turn the most heads.

The luxury sleeping apparatus was revealed first back in January. The custom-designed king-sized Hästens Vividus bed, frame and all, was constructed over nine weeks by certified bed artisans in Köping, Sweden. It features a handmade mattress that’s been filled with horse tail hair and a perfected mix of superior cotton and wool batting.

As Regent Seven Seas Cruises puts it:

The horsetail hair is braided by hand, then unwound, to give it even more bounce. Every curled strand acts like a tiny spring, providing support and pliability. Unlike human hair, each horsetail hair is a hollow tube, enabling it to function as an airway to wick moisture away. The cumulative effect of all these layers is that Regent Suite guests feel as if they are floating while sleeping with zero gravity, with legs slightly raised, helping circulation and overall heart health.

Guests of the Regent Suite will also be pampered with a Serene Spa & Wellness restorative sleep ritual treatment.

Bedding Selections

Guests of the Regent Suite will be able to select their bed linens and pillows from a prestigious Italian bedding menu. Regent Suite’s distinguished bed linen menus come in two categories: Bellino Fine Italian Linens and the Med1994 Aria line.

The Bellino Samurai Collection is made from 100% pure, crisp, breathable linen. Bellino’s Eleganza Collection is comprised of 600 thread-count sateen and 100% long staple cotton, making it exceptionally soft and smooth, as is Bellino’s Adriana Collection, made with 500 thread count percale and 100% long staple cotton for an indulgent, sumptuous feel.

Med1994’s hypoallergenic Aria line is made with a patented technology called SISTEMA ARIA, which builds a free layer inside every duvet as an active suspension that helps humid air to be released and replaced with clean, dry air, thereby keeping bodies at the correct temperature. It uses 100% virgin white down from Alaskan geese from the harsh Arctic regions in order to get the best results.

The type of pillow guests choose to rest their head upon is also critical to a peaceful sleep. Regent Suite guests select from a gel pillow, water pillow, memory foam pillow, buckwheat hull pillow or tri-side anatomic pillow.

Serene Spa & Wellness Restorative Sleep Ritual

The new globally inspired spa Regent unveiled earlier this month, Serene Spa & Wellness, will offer an exclusive sleep ritual available only to Regent Suite guests. It begins with a transcendent, nourishing milk bath — a light and gentle milky formula rich in vitamins, amino acids and natural plant collagen from Japanese Camellia oil that reveals satin-soft skin.

As guests indulge in the bath, their senses are enticed through touch and aroma with calming lavender and chamomile during this journey of peace and relaxation. Serene Spa & Wellness’ Powered by Flowers face mask with Star Arvensis and Indian Night Jasmine then works to leave thirsty skin looking rehydrated and refreshed.

Prior to the sleep ritual, Regent Suite guests may wish to indulge in Serene Spa & Wellness’ calming Around The World massage. Performed in the Regent Suite treatment area, this choreographed therapy fuses techniques from the corners of the world for optimal wellness: the earthly scents of Indian cardamom, Egyptian coriander and eucalyptus soothe the mind; Swedish massage movements work freely throughout the body to relax; volcanic rocks release muscle tension and stagnant energy in the legs; bamboo stalks glide over muscles to deeply alleviate discomfort; warmed coconut poultices are delicately worked over the face, neck and shoulders; and argan oil from Morocco conditions the scalp.

“A great night’s sleep is essential to overall health and well-being, and the holistic Regent Suite sleep experience is personalised for each guest to help them soothe their mind, body and spirit at night after they immerse themselves in the world’s mesmerising destinations during the day,” says Jason Montague, President and CEO of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “Deep, relaxing sleep has become an elusive luxury for many and nowhere else at sea can luxury travellers find such a restorative, customised night’s sleep than in the Regent Suite.”

Seven Seas Splendor enters service in the Mediterranean in February 2020.

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