Scenic Eclipse Crew Profile: Strawberry Mae Besin

LATTE was recently a guest aboard Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours’ Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse, where we sailed the Caribbean Sea visiting ports in Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico.

We took the opportunity to speak with a number of crew and personnel while on board to learn more about their cruise industry background, their reason for joining Scenic Eclipse in its inaugural season, and some of their favourite ports and parts of the World’s First Discovery Yacht.

What is your name and title? 

Strawberry Mae Besin, Demi Chef de Partie 

How long have you been with Scenic?

I started on the 11th July.

Can you tell us about your work background and cruise history?

I started working as a chef in January 2014. I began with Norwegian Cruise Line and joined as an Assistant Cook and it was a role I had for five years until joining Scenic. I have a Philippine background, and I started out working at McDonalds to get some experience, then across restaurants specialising in ribs to donuts and Italian restaurants. 

What was the appeal of joining Scenic Eclipse?

Oh,… this is so lovely. I am so grateful to be here. The pride, I just can’t explain. They even have the title of the World’s FIRST Discovery Yacht. How great is that?! I’m blessed to here.

What has been your favourite port visited so far aboard Scenic Eclipse?

Vallarta, Malta. It’s a very lovely place. It’s also where Eclipse was registered so it’s a memorable location.

Next port you’re most looking forward to visiting?

I’ve never been to Venice, Italy. I’m always jealous when I hear people talk about it so I can’t wait to get there.

Your favourite part of the ship?

The Galley. Even if you ask the other crew members, we are the strongest team.

But if you are talking for guest areas, I’d say the Chef’s Table because that’s where all the magic happens.

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