Scenic Eclipse Crew Profile:

Remy Izendooren

Remy Izendooren, Scenic Eclipse Senior Submarine Operations Officer
Remy Izendooren, Scenic Eclipse Senior Submarine Operations Officer

LATTE was recently a guest aboard Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours’ Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse, where we sailed the Caribbean Sea visiting ports in Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Mexico during the month of October, 2019.

We took the opportunity to speak with a number of crew and personnel while on board to learn more about their cruise industry background, their reason for joining Scenic Eclipse in its inaugural season, and some of their favourite ports and parts of the World’s First Discovery Yacht.

What’s your name and title?

Remy Izendooren, Senior Submarine Operations Officer

I joined Scenic in April 2018. I was involved with the procurement of the submarine and the support boat for the submarine.

We also bought an ROV for our submarine rescue. In the future we will be using that also for having a live broadcast from the submarine in all the TV screens in the suites, but we are still setting that up. Our aim is to have this ready for Antarctica. When the weather isn’t suitable for the submarine, we can then send this robot into the water and dive down and people can still observe beneath the ocean from the comfort of their suites.

How far can the Scenic Neptune dive?

This submarine can dive to 300 metres, and we have done that ourselves. We’ve actually taken Scenic Neptune to 305 metres for the certification process, but with guests, we have been to 220 metres as a maximum so far.

Your previous experience with ships/yachts?

I started with submarine piloting in 2015 and since then I’ve been working for a variety of manufacturer. Sometimes it’s a cruise ship and the next time job I’m on a private yacht, and then a charter yacht.

I worked freelancing giving me the flexibility to move around.

What was the appeal of joining Scenic Eclipse?

Being the first of its kind. The first expedition cruise ship. We have two helicopters that are accessing a lot of different regions and the whole purpose of my role is to use the submarine frequently. Some of the private yachts I’d previously work on, I may have to wait two weeks and then I dive only once. At least here we try to dive as much as we can and that’s all around the world.

Your favourite port that you’ve visited so far?

I would say Belize. The diving was incredible there.

Next port that you’re looking forward to visiting?

Isla de Providencia, an island off Columbia. We managed to arrange a special program there with two scientists. The whole area is a protected reserve and we have one scientist that is a fish expert and the other is a coral expert and they will join us for the dives and give lectures on board. and they have never had the chance to go below 100 metres in their own reefs that they are researching, so they are super excited to find out what’s in the deeper part of the reef.

Your favourite part of Scenic Eclipse?

The submarine of course!

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