Eco-conscious guest chef series at Salt of Palmar

Sustainably-minded cooks creating dishes with local produce

For 2020, progressive Mauritian boutique hotel SALT of Palmar has launched a guest chef series with a line-up of well-known, sustainably minded cooks who will collaborate with the resort’s local chefs to create one-off events and specialist dishes. The program is part of the resort’s 2020 focus on nutrition and eating well.

To begin the year, SALT of Palmar welcomed UK serial dinner party host Alexandra Dudley last week, while the other UK guest, celebrity chef Ruby Bhogal, will visit in March and offer guests the chance to explore local produce while learning their whizzy pro techniques.

Dudley hosted a zero-waste cocktails & canapes workshop, welcoming in-house guests. Guests were shown how to prepare pre-dinner zero-waste cocktails such as martinis made with carrot and orange peelings paired with spirits, and a series of canapes using fresh, seasonal ingredients from nearby community gardens. She is a true entertainer, known for her popular ‘Come Dine with Me’ podcast, and provided informative tips on zero-waste table dressing and menu planning while delighting guests with demonstrations on creating conscious canapes.

In March, celebrity chef and British Bake Off finalist Ruby Bhogal will visit the resort to share her expertise with foodie enthusiasts. Influenced by her Indian roots, Ruby specialises in creating exotic twists and experimental flavours within her cuisine.

On Wednesday 25 March, guests will join Bhogal to a visit to a nearby local market, sourcing seasonal ingredients before they partake in a cooking workshop. Celebrating Bhogal’s heritage and the heavy Indian influence on Mauritian cooking, guests will learn to make delicious Indian dishes which will be subject to the fresh produce available that day.

That afternoon, they will join a group lunch with Bhogal to taste the dishes that they have learnt to prepare while she continues to share her insights on sustainable cooking. On Friday 27 March, she will also take over SALT’s  bakery, where guests can sample her tempting pastries.

Bhogal’s magic will be recreated by resident chefs over the course of a week through her pop-up menu that will remain available at the main restaurant.

SALT of Palmar’s expert-in-residence series will perfectly compliment the resort’s existing food philosophy: fresh, seasonal, local and zero-waste. The Conscious Cooks series will leave guests feeling connected to a progressive food culture that is closely intertwined with the local community.

To register, email or call +230 698 22 22.

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