Trade show for the ‘meta-luxury’ short-term rental market

Traveller Made Founder Quentin Desurmont discusses new event with LATTE

Luxury travel design network Traveller Made will conduct a first-of-its-kind trade event centred on the meta-luxury short-term rental market. Called ‘The Eye on Privacy’ and to be held in mid-June 2020 in Los Cabos, the event aims to bring together a small, elite group of suppliers and buyers from around the world to discuss challenges and opportunities to develop this niche segment of hospitality.

From Vienna, Traveller Made Founder and CEO Quentin Desurmont explained the concept of the event exclusively with LATTE, saying the apartment, chalet and villa market makes up 12-15% of business for the global luxury travel group.

Traveller Made Private Places | Villa Blue Emerald, Mykonos

The Eye on Privacy will provide a platform for short-term rental brokers to establish best practice guidelines and strengthen ties, and confidence, when working with luxury travel designers.

By his definition, short-term rentals can range from 3 or 4 nights through to two weeks. Members of the Traveller Made network have access to some 70 options spread around the world, predominately in Europe. Branded as ‘Private Places‘, the list includes options in the Caribbean, North America, Africa and the Middle East and the Pacific, where there is one property in both Australia and New Zealand, namely Clontarf Villa in Sydney and Fiordland Lodge Owner’s Cottage in Te Anau.

Traveller Made certainly isn’t the first player in the short-term rental space, with Airbnb and OneFineStay already rooted firmly in the market. However Desurmont said a number of untrustworthy brokers connected with short-term rental properties have previously taken bookings and then run off with a client’s money, leaving them out of pocket. It’s the bad reputation by a few that The Eye on Privacy expects to address.

“We have always strived to innovate but also to foster best practices in this highly segmented luxury travel industry, and The Eye on Privacy is a further step in this direction,” Desurmont said.

“While luxury hotels are well established and have solid processes, the more recent players in the short-term rentals sphere need guidance in tackling the travel trade and creating lasting relationships based on trust and professionalism.”

“Let’s bring all the players to the table, set some rules on how to make business and ensure financial stability so they don’t let you down,” he told LATTE.

Traveller Made Private Places | Villa Blue Emerald, Mykonos

Desurmont said the goal of the three-day event is to “make some noise in the industry” about this burgeoning luxury short-term rental market, and generate new and expanded business opportunities from a B2B standpoint.

The event will bring together 20 Private Place and accommodation partners and DMCs with 20 luxury travel designers who will hear from expert presenters on the latest trends and intelligence for ultra-high-net-worth travellers, provide ample time for quality one-to-one appointments between buyers and sellers, as well as networking opportunities and dinners. Unique to this event is that a select number of non-Traveller Made affiliated suppliers will also be welcome to participate.

Held from 12 to 15 June 2020 at Grand Velas Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico The Eye on Privacy will complement Traveller Made’s two existing annual trade events: The Essence of Luxury Travel, which is held next month in Marbella, Spain and The Edge of Luxury Travel – Haute Villegiature in May, relocating from Mykonos, where it was held the past two years, to Phuket in 2020.

For applications to participate in The Eye on Privacy, email

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