Swiss hotel launches ‘COVID-19 Service’

Quarantine apartment package includes in-room coronavirus testing

Swiss apartment/hotel operator Le Bijou has introduced a new “COVID-19 Service” for guests that offers not only a quarantined sanctuary but the option for in-room coronavirus testing by an expert.

Le Bijou has a collection of boutique pads in Basel, Geneva and Zurich and other locations across Switzerland. The hospitality company is referring to its new COVID-19 service as “the best option now” that’s available to guests as its apartments operate without staff.

“In our current situation, this is more important than ever,” the company says on its website.

Le Bijou bills itself as offering “exceptional service of a world-class hotel, in the privacy and personal surroundings of a beautifully designed apartment”.

The operator has teamed up with Swiss healthcare firm Double Check Zurich to conduct the coronavirus tests for guests in the privacy of their apartment, thereby avoiding the need of exposure to infected patients and hospital infections, the hotel’s micro-page states. Double Check is able to offer fast-track access to the “most renowned clinicians and cutting-edge treatments,” Le Bijou says.

Other services available to guests in their luxury quarantine hide-out turned “private health center” include nursing, food delivery and a personal chef – “all with utmost hygiene and under medical control”.

Alexander Hübner, Chief Executive of Le Bijou Hotel & Resort Management says the COVID-19 service package was introduced to cater for guests who were requesting an upscale destination where they could cook their own food, hire doctors for house calls or who didn’t want to visit hospitals for their medical needs during the pandemic, The Washington Post reports.

Hübner developed the concept less that two weeks ago as the virus continued to expand across Europe and the company saw revenues beginning to slide.

“In the beginning, we just had about two inquiries a day. Now it’s ramped up to four, five, six a day,” he said.

In-room treatments are offered as add-ons to the nightly room rate, which range from approximately US$800 to US$2,000 per night. Ballpark figures for the coronavirus testing is an extra US$500, twice-daily check-ups by a nurse are US$1,8000, and 24/7 nurse care is about US$4,800 per day.

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