Connections Group forges a pact with Alatus Corporate

Express Travel Group's new division signs a new founding member

Connections Group, comprising brands including CT Connections, Executive Edge Travel and Totem Group, has formed a partnership with Express Travel Group’s new Alatus Corporate offshoot.

The changing landscape of the travel management industry in the current environment demands brave new collaborations of value-aligned organisations. Connections Groups’ ethos of ‘Every Connection Counts’ and internal mantra of ‘Ubuntu – We are because of each other’ is stronger than ever.

The current crisis demonstrates the strength in united values and the requirement for travel companies to elevate their digital adoption to unprecedented heights. Embodying the values of prioritising the collective, Connections Group has forged a new connection with Alatus Corporate. This collaboration solidifies the group’s future plans for offering the best services to customers and also contribute to extending expertise to assist other travel management companies. In this endeavour, Connections Group has forged a collaboration with Alatus Corporate as one of their founding members.

Alatus Corporate implements a holistic approach in assisting member organisations to enhance flexibility, end-to-end supply chain efficiency, optimise outcomes, reduce risks, increase efficiencies and foster continuous innovation. Connections Group embraces the ethos of UBUNTU complements Alatus Corporate’s “by the members for the members”, both in culture and action. This dynamic new collaboration with Alatus Corporate will implement the ‘next-generation operating model’ for travel management – a model that is based on agility and accelerating growth while adapting to unforeseen challenges.

In the current environment, business owners are looking to align with a co-operative group that is focused on ensuring Travel Management Companies remain relevant. This includes assured support to member’s needs of navigating the uncharted waters of NDC, OBT, mid-office systems, reporting suites, after hours, GDS contracts, IATA and ticketing capabilities are all addressed by the group.

Also, services such as HR and legal support are covered, along with negotiating airline contracts. This is where Alatus Corporate completes the service offering.

Gary Reichenberg said, “Alatus’ value proposition to offer a holistic approach to member travel agencies by assisting them in creating more value differentiation, growth within the travel industry, resulting in stronger profits, culture and people development as well as a better operational environment aligned well with Connections Group’s values and business strategy.

“The partnership will focus on transcending digital divides while building tomorrow’s technological enhancements along with greater cost management. This will equip members to navigate uncharted territories
supported by a guiding Group of experts from the travel industry.”

Connections Group – a partner of Virtuoso – believes innovation is critical in challenging times, driving growth, new products and new methods of delivering value to customers. The collaboration with Alatus Corporate propels Connection Group’s efforts to capture the value and long-term growth focusing on making necessary investments to achieve the right level of impact and elevating service delivery.

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