Great Barrier Reef coming to the French Riviera

Interactive exhibition in Monaco to showcase the planet's largest coral ecosystem

Exposition Immersion Raie Manta | Credit: Dreamed by Us

The world’s largest living organism will go on show in Monaco next month as part of an interactive exhibition dedicated to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Principality’s Oceanographic Museum of Monaco will host the exhibition starting 18 July 2020 and will reveal one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World through a multimedia installation which offers visitors the opportunity to experience a dive below the surface in order to meet the iconic species that inhabit the planet’s largest coral ecosystem. 

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and a real-time projection system, ‘IMMERSION’ allows the public to discover and interact with an environment which is fictional in its conception, but realistic and naturalistic in its presentation.

Exposition Immersion - Baleine a bosse | Credit: Dreamed by Us

With an experience centred around the sensation of diving, visitors can see various species evolve naturally around them, as they interact according to their behaviours, their movements and their gestures. The public travels through a living environment where all encounters are possible: from the humpback whale to the carpet shark, from barracudas to fluorescent corals.

The edutainment dimension of the presentation responds to the aims of the Oceanographic Museum, which has strived for over 100 years to ensure that the ocean is known, loved and protected.

Over the course of various meetings and projects, the Oceanographic Institute has developed a special bond with Australia: from island communities to major scientific laboratories. Australia’s exceptional biodiversity – particularly around the Great Barrier Reef – is mirrored by a remarkable artistic and cultural wealth. This relationship echoes the scientific collaborations and political initiatives developed by the institutions of Monaco.

In 2016, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco hosted ‘TABA NABA’, an exhibition showcasing Aboriginal and Oceanic art for six months. In October 2018, His Royal Highness Prince Albert II visited the island of Badu in the Torres Strait, where he carried out a Monaco Exploration Society mission, in which he experienced the culture of the islanders. In 2019, the museum hosted a photographic exhibition recounting this mission. A feature-length documentary by award-winning Australian director Douglas Watkin will be released in 2020.

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