Which Silversea Antarctica expedition is right for your client?

How to match the right voyage for the right customer

Where will your clients go once they are ready to travel? Antarctica is likely to be highly popular, with its breathtaking scenery, endless space, fearless residents and limited number of visitors. A life-changing destination, perfect for travel in a changed world. But do you know which voyage fits your client best?

Not all Antarctica voyages are created equal, as not all of your adventurous clients seek the same things. To help you guide your clients in finding the best itinerary to fulfil their White Continent dreams, Silversea has created a quick guide to identify the main differences between Antarctic voyages.

Antarctic Peninsula

Silversea’s 10-day itinerary to Antarctica is the classic experience to the White Continent, but it isn’t any less special than the other voyages. On this itinerary your clients get to see amazing wildlife and iceberg formations, step on the white continent for walks or hikes and even do a polar plunge into the frigid waters if they so choose. Don’t worry, our crew will be waiting for them on shore with towels, robes, hot chocolate and cognac and get them back to the comfort of our luxury ships safely.


Just want to go – You might have clients that just want to do it. They don’t care when or how, they just want to be able to step on the White Continent.

Deep Antarctica

Going to Antarctica in itself already gives anyone a lot of bragging rights. But for some that just might  not be enough. Some will want to claim they went beyond the Antarctic Circle. Especially if they have  done the Arctic Circle so they can brag they visited both poles. Our Deep Antarctic voyages will take your  clients below the latitude of 66.33 degrees so they can stake their claims as the most adventurous of all.


Seeks Bragging Rights — Some people want to brag about their travels to their friends and family. They like  to be part of an exclusive few that have seen or done that.

South Georgia and the Falkland Islands

Silverseas’ voyages that visit not only the Antarctica peninsula but also South Georgia and the Falkland  Islands tend to be very popular because they combine all the beauty of the region in just one package. Clients will get to experience abundant wildlife and breathtaking sightseeing. They will also be able to encounter species that do not inhabit the Antarctica Peninsula, so if they have the time and they are interested in a unique experience, this voyage is for them.


Don’t Want to Miss a Thing Some travellers have a very pragmatic approach to their plans. They don’t know when they will return to a certain destination and wish to do everything there is to do on their first time around.

Antarctica Bridge

This is the perfect product for those clients that always wanted to experience Antarctica but may not have the luxury to take 2 weeks to travel. Silvsersea’s Antarctica Bridge voyages include Business class chartered flights straight to the Antarctica Peninsula where they join Silversea’s ship for a six-day voyage. The best part is that clients don’t lose any of the experiences offered on the 10-day voyage. They just skip the four days of crossing Drake’s Passage, back and forth.


For the Thrill Seeker on a Schedule– There is also that adventurous client that would love to visit Antarctica but may only have a week to accomplish it.

The Ross Sea and Sub-Antarctica

Antarctica is a place that not a lot of people get to experience in their lifetime. But when you think of the continent as a whole, the Antarctica Peninsula, where most travellers go when visiting Antarctica, is just one small piece of land on this majestic White Continent. Very few get to experience it from the other side of the globe through the uninhabited Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia, all the way down to the Ross Sea, which is sure to be a more wild and secluded voyage.


Enjoy the Path Less Travelled – Some clients of yours may choose their travels based on whether the place they are going is a hidden gem or exclusive in some way. They prefer to go where few people have. 

For more info on Silversea Expeditions’ Antarctica program, see silversea.com/destinations/antarctica-cruise.html

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