Okinawa Tourism educates over soba noodles

The Walshe Group co-hosts event for trade media at Sydney Cooking School

Okinawa Tourism hosted a select group of media this week for a very hands-on (and, as it turns out, feet-on!) cooking masterclass at Sydney Cooking School. Representing Okinawa Tourism was Sonia Holt and Antonio Khattar of The Walshe Group.

While learning about these beautiful sub-tropical Japanese islands, attendees were treated to welcome cocktails, expertly mixed by one of only two Australia-based Awamori cocktail masters, Eiji Imamura. Awamori – the country’s oldest distilled liquor – is the official spirit of Japan’s southernmost islands, and, at 30-40 per cent proof, will certainly get you in the mood.

Expertly guided by chef Mayumi Nagata, the media group then prepared, cooked and dined on traditional Okinawan fare: soba noodles with tonkotsu soup, rafute (sweet braised pork belly) and goya chanpuru, a bitter melon stir-fry, all followed by sata andagi (Okinawan doughnuts).

The event cut live to the Japanese archipelago to meet the Okinawa Tourism team, giving guests a sunset glimpse of the exquisite pool at Okinawa Spa Resort EXES.

Okinawa is made up of more than 160 subtropical islands surrounded by crystal-clear, blue water and uncrowded white-sand beaches. With nature trails, a unique and vibrant culture, and year-round festivals – not to mention being home the longest-living people in the world – this is Japan like you’ve never quite experienced before.

If this is a taste of what Okinawa offers, we can’t wait to visit!

To learn more about Okinawa, visit Discover Okinawa, an online training program created for the Australian travel trade, here.

Lead image: Zamami Island, Okinawa, Japan | credit: Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

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