New travel agent flyer for Yellowknife aurora viewing

Yellowknife - When to go, where to stay, viewing options and more

Aurora viewing in Canada is not a new thing, but the township of Yellowknife in The Northwest Territories is still a new destination to Aussies and Kiwis searching for the best locations around the world to view natures greatest lightshow.

Yellowknife is the world’s Northern Lights mecca. Here the Northern Lights dance on average 240 nights per year, as the township is blessed with subarctic crystal-clear nights, ultra-low humidity and the perfect location beneath the Earth’s band of maximal Aurora activity – the “Auroral oval”.

Moving into the spotlight of aurora destination awareness, Northwest Territories Tourism has launched a new Yellowknife aurora educational flier for travel advisors to learn more about planning for the ultimate aurora experience in Canada.

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The educational flyer covers accommodation and viewing options, ranging from fly-in, fly-out wilderness lodges to unique Yellowknife-based viewing cabins, stations or Indigenous-owned heated teepee experiences. Transportation, access, aurora seasons and adventure activities are also covered in detail.

Yellowknife’s vibe is a welcoming of community spirit, from the moment visitors land unique cultural heritages and histories are abundant. Visitors are surprised by the variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and accommodation options in this welcoming arctic township.

Click the cover to view the Yellowknife Aurora flyer
Aurora Village, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

To start planning and researching an aurora trip to Yellowknife for your clients, download the educational flyer, plus see for further inspiration, tips and information on the aurora capital of the world.

Lead image: Yellowknife image by Libby Calnon from Pixabay

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