Amadeus and Star Alliance to make touchless travel more accessible

Star Alliance Biometrics streamlining touchpoints

Amadeus and Star Alliance have partnered to offer travellers enrolled in Star Alliance Biometrics, or Amadeus Traveler ID, the benefit of accessing a growing number of airports where identity verification can be utilised during their journey.

The venture aspires to make touchless travel more accessible, across every stage of the journey.

“While the travel industry has been working on implementing biometrics for some years, multiple disparate initiatives from several providers mean that travellers are required to fill in their identification details on multiple occasions,” Star Alliance said.

“At a time when it is crucial to reduce new travel frictions caused by responses to COVID-19 and to increase traveller confidence, Amadeus and Star Alliance are announcing a milestone partnership.”

By joining forces, Amadeus and Star Alliance are creating a more global, frictionless, and touchless journey for the millions of frequent flyers enrolled in the respective programs of its member airlines.

Star Alliance Biometrics was launched in November.  The system allows passengers to pass through check-in kiosks, bag-drop, and boarding gates using a secure identity management solution featuring facial recognition technology. This allows for a touchless experience at airports, an important safety feature in times of COVID-19. Previously, these curb-to-gate touchpoints required both passport and boarding pass checks.

At the same time, Amadeus’ secure and agnostic identity data exchange and verification solution, Traveler ID, enables a simplified experience across the entire travel chain by connecting a passenger’s digital ID to any online and biometric portal at opportune moments of the traveller journey. In the future, these passengers will be able to use their Traveler ID to access existing or new airports that have implemented the Star Alliance Biometrics solution.

In both programs, travellers consent to share their biometric data with the stakeholders of their choice in full accordance with data privacy regulations.

“The best part of this trustful partnership is how we are building upon our individual strengths and working together to deliver a more seamless and safe travel experience,” Christian Draeger, Vice President Customer Experience, Star Alliance said.

“It increases our operational ability by speeding up airport processes and immediately benefits those who have already enrolled in our program. Through collaboration between the Star Alliance Biometrics and Amadeus Traveler ID solutions, we have a winning proposition that will encompass all aspects of the customer journey.”

Lead image credit/source: Lufthansa Group

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