The one-island-one-resort concept in Maldives

Where physical distancing comes with the nature

The Maldives is a picture-perfect archipelago of more than 1,190 tiny coral islands dotted through the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The nation is well known for its unique concept of one-island-one-resort, meaning that one hotel occupies the whole island. These islands are beautifully and naturally distanced from each other, providing the physical distancing one needs during these times.

The Nautilis Maldives

As travel resumes, people are looking for a safe and carefree holiday. They are seeking secluded destinations and places where social distancing happens naturally, to minimise the number of people they come in contact with.

But they also want to be pampered with private overwater villas, all-exclusive retreats, world-class amenities, dazzling sandy beaches and crystal clear water that appears a stunning turquoise under summer skies.

This makes Maldives the perfect destination, as it offers two of these much-desired aspects; safety and luxury.

The Conscious Traveller

Experts predict that future travellers will be more conscious in their choice of destination, with sustainability top of mind.

The Nautilus Maldives

What is a more conscious traveller? It is someone who is far more discerning about the journeys they go on. They are willing and able to be away from home for longer periods of time because they can now work remotely. They are less likely to spend excessively. They make their travel plans more carefully, taking into account the safety measures, travel restrictions and procedures they have to follow.

In this regard, Maldives truly benefits from its geographical formation and the concept of one resort on one island.

Being stuck at home for months on end has left travellers restless, whether they are frequent fliers or casual adventurers. Everyone is either looking for an escape.

R&R and Wellness

Wellness tourism will be increasingly popular. In Maldives you can find spas covered with lush tropical vegetation, spas with stunning ocean views and even underwater spas. Most resorts offer yoga, meditation and wellness exercises throughout the day for their guests.

Travellers want to feel good about themselves when they return home. They see holidays as a way to reduce anxiety. So they’re looking for calm, secluded destinations.

Travelling to Maldives allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city crowds. The island resorts are less likely to have heavy engine vehicles meaning you will find a calm and peaceful environment.

No matter how long they stay, the entire holiday in Maldives will be stress-free.

The Nautilus Maldives

But Maldives also has plenty for the adventure-seeker.

Every resort has its own water sports hub with instructors to help guests learn new skills. Whether it is snorkelling, diving or something more extreme such as kite surfing, you are sure to be in good hands.

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