Kokomo Private Island aligns with Regenerative Resorts

Uber-luxe Fiji resort joins global consortia of like-minded eco-retreats

Fiji’s Kokomo Private Island has become the newest member of the global consortia, Regenerative Resorts.

A network of leading and independently owned eco-luxury hotels and resorts seeking to advance crowd-free, conscious, and planet-friendly travel habits, Regenerative Resorts has over 40 members in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America and South America.

With international travel at a virtual standstill and growing global awareness of threats to the environment, Kokomo Private Island is leading by example in its endeavour to embrace the new frontier of tourism.

Beach shack, Kokomo Private Island

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A gold standard in mindful travel, Kokomo Private Island has built its foundation on driving positive change in the arena of sustainability and minimal environmental impact. The Kokomo team has made it their priority to connect and invest in the island, surrounding community, and marine environment – all of which is cradled by the stunning Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth largest reef barrier in the world.

“From inception, sustainability as well as positively impacting and respecting the local community in Fiji has been of supreme importance to all of us at Kokomo,” says Founder, Lang Walker AO.

“The opportunity to align ourselves with Regenerative Resorts and other likeminded properties around the world is a natural fit as we continue laying the groundwork for how we promote travel in this new age, which calls for both respecting and regenerating the planet,” Walker added.

One bedroom Sunset Villa, Kokomo Private Island

What is regenerative travel?

During the travel industry’s interlude, architects of regenerative travel are planting roots of this movement, which The New York Times recently called ‘the new frontier’ of tourism and focuses on regenerative development and design (read: regenerative agriculture, which aims to restore soils and sequester carbon), counteracting over-tourism, further establishing circular economy, and thoughtfully engaging communities.

Setting the standard for sustainability and a new way of experiencing the globe, members of Regenerative Resorts including Kokomo will prioritise their focus on the following tenets:

  • Building to Blend In: Properties utilise architectural strategies that incorporate local culture in the design. Building materials are always local and sustainable.
    • Throughout the duration of Kokomo’s construction, its Lead Architect delivered efficient and nuanced building design that maximized the usable and functional space. The team also sourced sustainable building materials, selecting an array of local plantation timbers, stone from the island (and surrounding islands) and craft building materials; that unified traditional and contemporary design.
Arrival Jetty, Kokomo Private Island
  • Healthy Cuisine: Each property is dedicated to a level of organic, local, and certified food, in addition to incorporating sustainable kitchen practices.
    • Kokomo invites guests to indulge their senses with fresh local produce that is transformed into world-class cuisine. Moreover, the resort’s Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary develops wellness-driven meal plans based off the island’s produce yield.
  • Benefiting the Local Community: Each property has their social and environmental projects benefiting the local community where the economic benefit is being regenerated.
    • At the start of 2018, Kokomo Private Island proudly launched the Fiji chapter of Dock to Dish; an incredible community-supported seafood and fishing venture committed to sustainable and responsible fishing
    • As part of the World Ocean Day 2020, Kokomo pledged to transplant 4,000 mangroves into neighboring villages’ shores as part of our Kokomo Mangrove Reforestation Project. Residents of one of the neighboring villages – Narikoso – were educated of the mangroves’ importance and locals of all ages, young and old, participated in re-planting these mangroves.
Walker d'Plank (lunch) at Kokomo Private Island
  • Putting the Environment First: Each hotel focuses on better & renewable water, energy and operating systems. They protect and improve the environment and regenerate the local ecosystem.
    • Water is an essential element, and with an unlimited ocean water source surrounding Kokomo Private Island, the resort has taken measures through their tried and tested Seawater Desalination Project to process and create consumable product
  • Creating Authentic Experiences: Each property is dedicated to engaging guests in location-specific experiences that celebrate the local culture.
    • Lush and secluded, Kokomo is a tropical paradise that ticks all the boxes. Activities and experiences include, but are not limited to, shark diving, waterfall hikes, manta ray swims, sunrise fishing expeditions, snorkeling in the Great Astrolabe Reef, sailing, tours of the hydroponic farm & garden, and coral reef restoration with Kokomo’s on-site Marine Biology Team, comprised of Cliona O’Flaherty, Luke Gordon, and Viviana Taubera.
Three bedroom sunset villa, Kokomo Private Island

“We are excited to welcome Kokomo Private Island in Fiji to the Regenerative Resorts collection as they embody our values and support marine conservation through their various on-site initiatives for educating travellers on the importance of marine protected areas and coral regeneration,” said Amanda Ho, Co-Founder and Brand Director at Regenerative Travel.

A leader in Preservation and Protection: Kokomo

At Kokomo Private Island, protection and preservation is key, embracing strategies of diversity and inclusion is paramount, and formulating a green strategy for long term success is the cornerstone, all of which are led by the island’s Marine Biology Team.

Between the Acoustic Manta Ray Tagging Project; Coral Restoration Projects; The Walker Restoration Reef, No-Take Fishing Zone, Seabin Project, the establishment of Fiji’s Dock to Dish chapter (the first Community Supported Fishery (CSF) of its kind in the South Pacific), Mangrove Reforestation Project, guests are offered the opportunity to partake in our islands ecological, conservation and sustainability programs, and in doing so make their own positive mark on Kokomo.

Manta project, Kokomo Private Island

Additionally, Kokomo’s secluded location has heightened the necessity of embracing sustainability as a focal point, which is why the Kokomo culinary team works so closely with the island’s fishermen and on-site farmers, focusing on what the island has to offer as opposed to relying on external suppliers. In addition to fresh caught-to-order seafood, Kokomo features an impressive 2.2-hectare farm with a wide variety of local vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and exotic fruits, hydroponics garden and state-of-the-art Chef’s Kitchen/Rooftop Pad. 95% of the seafood served at Kokomo is sourced locally, 100% of loose-leaf lettuce is produced by the hydroponics garden, and 20% of fruits and vegetables consumed are grown on island.

The island is home to a vanilla plantation, which produces fresh vanilla beans for the pastry kitchen and desserts. Beyond the gardens, 16 beehives are home to an Italian crossbreed of bees that produce a rich, delectable honey, as well as 140 free range chickens providing nutrient-dense daily eggs that sustain the island resort.

Coral garden, Kokomo Private Island

Along with Kokomo’s existing appeal for family, intergenerational travelers and nature enthusiasts, the partnership with Regenerative Resorts aims to continue educating guests on the island’s numerous initiatives that not only enrich their stay experience, but also teaches them on how each and every one of us can directly impact the earth for current and future generations.

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