Hurtigruten’s New Year Global Expedition Sale continues

Savings of up to $1,500 on select 2021, 2022 and 2023 sailings

Hurtigruten’s New Year Global Expedition Sale continues with its collection of inspiring destinations and outstanding offers, ending on 20 February 2021. Travellers will be able to save up to $1,500 across selected 2021, 2022, and 2023 expeditions in Alaska & Canada, Northwest Passage, Norway, and the Americas.

  • Alaska & Canada:

    • 2022 cruises
    • Itineraries:
      Alaska and British Columbia – Wilderness, Glaciers and Culture (Northbound and Southbound)
      › Alaska and British Columbia – Inside Passage, Bears and Aleutian Islands (Northbound and Southbound)
      Wilderness and Ancient Cultures from Iceland to Canada

1. Alaska | credit: Jonathan Tramontana / 2. Sitka, Alaska | credit: Jonathan Tramontana  / 3. William Henry Bay, Alaska | credit: Ashton Ray Hansen

    • Highlights:
      › Explore Alaska’s wild landscapes, such as Misty Fjords, College Fjord, and Icy Bay.
      › A chance to see wildlife, such as the bald eagle, brown and black bears.
      › Cruise through the Canadian Inside Passage. Unlike other cruise ships that normally pass through the area at night, guests will be able to see its sublime scenery during the day.
      › Spend four days exploring Canada’s rarely visited Torngat Mountains National Park. Only accessible by sea or plane, the park receives less than 600 people each year. Guests will be one of them.

1 and 2. Lancaster Sound, Baffin, Canada | credit: Andrea Klaussner / 3  Tenderboat cruising, Smoking Hills, Northwest Passage | credit: Karsten Budstrup

    • Highlights:
      › Experience Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic in the Northwest Passage.
      › Discover UNESCO-listed sites such as Ilulissat Icefjord and former Basque whaling station in Red Bay, Inuit settlements and Arctic wildlife.
      › Attempt: Hurtigruten’s Northwest Passage Attempts are expeditions where the cruise line, in true expedition style, challenge the elements and the ice-edge of the Arctic Ocean, to circumnavigate the remote and icy waterways – in a safe way. Several alternative routes combined with Hurtigruten’s deep knowledge of the area and flexibility are key factors to giving clients the most amazing experience.

  • Norway Expeditions:

    • 2021 through to 2022 cruises
    • Itinerary:
      Northern Lights and Fjords Expedition

 1. Norway | credit: Ørjan Bertelsen / 2. Northern Lights, Norway | credit: Stian Klo / 3.  Norway | credit: Shutterstock

    • Highlights:
      ›  Experience the Northern Lights and learn all about this spectacular phenomenon.
      ›  Explore Norway’s amazing coastline in winter.
      ›  Learn about Norwegian culture, history and nature with Hurtigruten’s Expedition Teams.
      ›  Northern Lights Promise: If the Northern Lights do not appear on Hurtigruten’s cruise to Norway, the expedition cruise line will give guests another 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage free of charge.

  • The Americas:

    • 2022 and 2023 cruises
    • Multiple itineraries across Central America and Caribbean, South America and North America.

1. Alpacas | credit: Jessica Knowlden-Unsplash / 2.Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Brazil | credit: Deb Dowd-Unsplash / 3. the Galapagos | credit: Nathalie Marquis-Unsplash

    • Highlights:
      ›  Visit a mix of Central American coastal communities and experience authentic culture.
      ›  Attempts to land at Cape Horn and cruise to Garibaldi and Pio XI glaciers.
      ›  Discover wondrous wildlife in biologically diverse Galapagos Islands.
      ›  Visit communities on Lake Titicaca including the Uru on their floating islands.
      ›  Enjoy a thrilling transit of the famous Panama Canal while aboard the ship and see its ingenious system of locks first hand.

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