Travel quiz: How well do you know Tokyo?

Take our 10-question quiz to celebrate the release of our ebook: Tokyo Essentials, a guide for travel professionals.

This FREE 60-page interactive publication is your Tokyo resource, documenting highlights across the city’s main regions and neighbourhoods as well as presenting informative and practical features with plenty of handy tips for agents.

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  • Tokyo’s main regions, neighbourhoods and attractions across each
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  • Where to stay, from five-star hotels to traditional ryokan
  • Culinary highlights and restaurants to try
  • Not-to-be-missed traditional and pop-culture experiences
  • How to get back to nature in this megalopolis
  • Trails to follow for architecture-lovers
  • … and a whole lot more

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Meiji Shrine is located next to which JR Yamanote Line station?
True or false: The Tokyo Tower in the Shiba-Koen district was originally inspired by the Eiffel Tower?
What is the neighborhood of Roppongi known for?
Tokyo is one of how many prefectures in Japan?
True or false: Tokyo has 219 islands
What is a 'kaiseki' meal?
True or false: The cherry blossom season in Tokyo generally starts in late March and runs for about a fortnight?
Which luxury hotel in Tokyo is home to the fine dining restaurant Esterre by Alain Ducasse?
Which of these Tokyo hotels have some themed guest rooms?
Where is Tokyo’s new wholesale fish market located?
How well do you know Tokyo?
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