Limited Edition 2022 itineraries released by andBeyond

Conservation based travel company marks 30 years with one-off experiences

andBeyond has unveiled a series of Limited Edition itineraries for 2022 to mark its 30th anniversary and highlight the company’s conservation successes and achievements.

With its ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife and Care of the People, andBeyond has built a foundation that seeks to make conservation sustainable through providing exceptional experiences for its guests. Over three decades, the company’s vision has been to leave the world in a better place, and its operation now encompasses three continents; Africa (13 countries), Asia (5) and South America (4).

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The first collection of experiences launched include a glimpse of South Africa’s marine phenomenon, the Sardine Run, as well as an insider’s view of some of the most significant conservation projects in Argentina and the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a lion translocation that reversed a local extinction in Rwanda.

Led by andBeyond’s top conservation experts, all three journeys are one-off bucket list adventures scheduled to take place in 2022.

Annual Sardine Run

Africa’s Greatest Marine Migration Expedition invites keen divers to experience the annual Sardine Run, a mass movement of sardines along the east coast of South Africa known for vast numbers of marine predators attracted by the swirling bait balls of sardines. Guests will spend up to five-hours a day on the water during the first week, moving in search of the shoals or snorkeling with whales and dolphins.

Sardine run shoal Sardine Run on South Africa's WIld Coast | Courtesy of andBeyond

In addition to once-in-a-lifetime diving opportunities amongst sharks, dolphins, whales and other giants of the deep, the expedition provides the opportunity to learn more about how all marine ecosystems are interconnected and how predator species such as sharks function as indicators of the health of these ecosystems from Oceans Without Borders Programme Manager and expedition host Dr Tessa Hempson.

The 11-day itinerary begins on 7 June 2022 and costs ZAR 220,800 (approx. AU$20,700) per person sharing.

From Africa to South America

The other options include a 14-day itinerary through South America’s Iberá Wetlands, Patagonia and Lake District, which traces how andBeyond exported its model of conservation-led responsible travel from Africa to South America. The trip includes exclusive access to signature experiences, incorporates research and tracking of Pumas and Jaguars, and offers locally inspired farm-to-table food experiences.

Jaguar entering the water in Ibera Wetlands | Courtesy of andBeyond

The Our Impact Journey into South America itinerary will begin in Buenos Aires on 16 October 2022 and caters for up to 12 guests only. It is priced at US$18,880 per person sharing.

Proven track record

The Return of the Lion Expedition highlights a collaboration between andBeyond and African Parks that resulted in the reversal of a 15-year local extinction of lion in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park. Showcasing what the travel and conservation community is capable of when working for the greater good, this trip follows in the footsteps of a group of lions translocated from andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa to Rwanda.

The lions of Phinda Private Game Reserve | Courtesy of andBeyond

At Akagera, guests will track and participate in the monitoring of the reserve’s new pride of lions, gaining an understanding of the park’s conservation management plan, while exploring some of Africa’s most untouched wilderness areas. The 10-day itinerary departs on 5 October 2022 and costs US$11,950 per person.

Each of the itineraries includes a donation towards conservation.

For more information on any of andBeyond’s 30 year limited edition experiences, click on the links above.

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