Avengers-themed eatery to join Dish Wish dining offering

All-new cinematic dining adventure led by Ant-Man and The Wasp


Disney Cruise Line has revealed a new immersive family dining experience based on Marvel characters for Disney Wish. “Avengers: Quantum Encounter” at Worlds of Marvel restaurant will debut will be an all-new cinematic dining adventure and is billed as the cruise line’s “most ambitious dining experience ever,” by Danny Handke, senior creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering.

“We’re doing something that’s never been done before in a restaurant, developing an exclusive Avengers adventure that will immerse our guests in the action through sophisticated technology and innovative storytelling. It’s the perfect complement to the incredible menu of story-driven dining aboard the Disney Wish.”

Worlds of Marvel is the first-ever Marvel cinematic dining adventure where guests will play an interactive role in an Avengers mission that unfolds around them, complete with a worldly menu inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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World of Marvel, interior, Dish Wish (Disney)

Cinematic Dining

Avengers: Quantum Encounter will feature Ant-Man and The Wasp as the primary hosts, with cameos from Captain America and Captain Marvel, along with diners aboard Disney Wish.

Every table at Worlds of Marvel will feature an interactive Quantum Core, “a brand-new device that can cause objects to shrink and grow remotely.” Guests will assist Ant-Man and The Wasp as they attempt some small-scale trials, perhaps shrinking oversized luggage for easy stateroom storage.

When enough of the Quantum Cores are activated at the same time, the entire venue will become supercharged as energy pulses through the power channels in the walls and ceiling.

Globally Inspired Menus

Worlds of Marvel will take families on a flavourful tour of the real and fictional settings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with dishes inspired by legendary locales like African Wakanda, Eastern European Sokovia and the Avengers’ home base of New York City. Menus are still in development, but guests can expect to find a diverse array of globally influenced items and playful nods to the worlds and characters they know from Marvel Studios films.

New Quick-and-Casual Family Dining

While Disney Wish will offer upscale table-service experiences throughout the day, families will also be able to enjoy quick, convenient meals and snacks with more casual walk-up dining options than ever before.

Marceline Market

Marceline Market (Disney)

Named for Walt Disney’s early childhood hometown in Missouri, Marceline Market is a stylish food hall inspired by popular marketplaces around the world. Here, guests will find an ever-changing menu of specialised offerings in a vibrant, free flow setting with both indoor and outdoor seating and breathtaking ocean views all around.

Featuring 10 food stalls and a café-style beverage bar in the centre, Marceline Market will be styled as an old industrial loft converted into a bustling marketplace, but with a distinctly Disney design twist: At this food hall, the local proprietors are Disney characters themselves, as each station is themed to animated films such as Tangled, Ratatouille, Alice in Wonderland, Zootopia and more.

These storied shopkeepers will curate a wide-ranging variety of freshly prepared cuisines for the whole family to enjoy, including American classics, international specialties, comfort foods, seafood, soups and salads, vegetarian and plant-based fare, baked goods, and desserts.

Marceline Market will offer a casual, walk-around dining experience for breakfast and lunch, followed by table-service dining at dinnertime with entrees cooked to order.

Marceline Market, View (Disney)

Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods

On the upper decks, Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods will be the top place for families to grab a quick bite for lunch, dinner or anytime in between. Here guests will find Disney Cruise Line’s signature soft-serve ice cream, with two brand-new selections: Disney Wish will feature the fleet’s first dedicated quick-service venues for barbecue and Mexican-inspired fare.

Also offering American classics and other snacks, this open-air eatery comprises five themed food stalls: Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, Donald’s Cantina, Daisy’s Pizza Pies, Goofy’s Grill and Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream.

The design is inspired by the seaside boardwalk setting featured in popular “Mickey Mouse” animated shorts, a fitting addition to the Mickey and Friends-themed family district on the upper decks. A sizeable, shaded seating area will provide convenient and comfortable accommodations for families to relax and enjoy their meals.

These new restaurants join the line-up of previously announced dining experiences for families and adults. In addition to Worlds of Marvel, families will embark on a culinary journey to the Frozen kingdom of Arendelle and the golden age of Hollywood at two new restaurants aboard the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish will sail its maiden voyage on 9 June 2022, followed by a season of three- and four-night cruises to Nassau, Bahamas, and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, from Port Canaveral, Florida.

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