Quark Expeditions redefines helicopter adventure

It's about more than just flightseeing!


By Doug O’Neill

Quark Expeditions, long recognised as the global Leader in Polar Adventures, has amped up its game by becoming the global Leader in Heli-adventures in the Polar Regions. Quark Expeditions’ immersive helicopter program takes guests beyond the Polar Regions with two twin-engine Airbus H145 helicopters stationed on the new polar ship Ultramarine.

“Last year, we shared the excitement of Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters – which totally transform the way we explore the Polar Regions. Now, we’re even more exhilarated to share details of these two sleek, polar-ready helicopters that will enable us to take guests deeper into the Polar Regions than any other operator in the expedition industry,” says Andrew White, President of Quark Expeditions.

“What distinguishes our helicopter program from others in the industry is that we’ll be using our helicopters for far more than just flightseeing,” says White. “The deployment of our two H145 helicopters aboard Ultramarine means we will offer guests the most robust portfolio of adventure options in the industry, including heli-hiking, alpine kayaking and ice-sheet heli-landings – in addition, of course, to flightseeing.

“For 30 years we’ve been passionate about our mandate to bring people to the Arctic and Antarctic. Now, with our helicopters, we can move people to explore further once they arrive in the Polar Regions, to set foot where few humans have ever walked – something our competition can’t offer.”

Ultramarine, Quark Expeditions’ new game-changing polar vessel.

As with all of its polar-based operations, Quark Expeditions applies the same high standards to the helicopter personnel. “Our helicopters will be commanded by highly experienced, well-traveled pilots,” explains Felix Christians, Director of Helicopter Operations for Quark Expeditions. “In addition to having global flying experience, each of them will be trained at Quark Academy with all of our expedition team.”

The advanced technologies of the H145 helicopters, coupled with the team’s helicopter expertise – dating back to 1991 – confirms Quark Expeditions’ role as the leader in Heli-adventures across the Polar Regions.

Guests can expect unbeatable polar-helicopter experiences during their voyage in the Arctic or Antarctic. The twin-engine Airbus H145 helicopters, which are the fastest in their category, are able to take guests further over the polar landscape than any other helicopter in their league, and deliver the largest portfolio of off-ship adventure options in the industry. Beyond flightseeing, the helicopters allow guests to fully customise their polar experience. Integral to those guest experiences are Quark Expeditions’ onboard staff and crew, who are recognised as the most experienced team in the polar industry. Polar travellers gravitate toward Quark Expeditions in part because its team has the most experience getting guests off the ship, as much as possible, during polar voyages.

Another aspect of the helicopter program is Quark Expeditions’ successful marriage of “adventure with luxury,” enabling guests to comfortably go beyond the Polar Regions in ways never thought possible. Guests will enjoy superior comfort (7 out of 8 passengers get a window seat) in a sleek, best-in-class helicopter equipped with interior padding for a quieter flight, individual seats, and large scratch-proof windows that are perfect for photography. (And who doesn’t return from a polar adventure without memory cards full of incredible images?)

Q the Adventure on Ultramarine, the global Leader in Heli-adventures in the Polar Regions

Another feature that makes the helicopter program a standout is its industry-leading polar safety.

“The H145 helicopter features advanced autopilot technology and cutting-edge safety features that make it the safest aircraft in its category,” says Christians, who has flown helicopters around the world. “Add to that the advanced sustainability of these H145 helicopters which are not only the most fuel-efficient in their class but are widely celebrated for their small external footprint and reduced noise pollution. Ultimately, our helicopters will enable guests to have a polar experience beyond anything they imagined. For us, that’s the best possible polar journey!”

Learn more about Ultramarine and its helicopter program here.


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