Traveller Made rebrands as Serandipians

Luxury travel design network marks eight years with rebranding

The Traveller Made luxury travel designer network has this week marked its eighth anniversary by rebranding as Serandipians.

Speaking exclusively with LATTE from Paris, France last night [Thursday 30 September 2021], company Founder and President, Quentin Desurmont explained the rationale behind the new identity – three years in the making – saying the pandemic presented the “right time for a rebranding”.

“We’ve been working hard during COVID. We hadn’t given up despite the turmoil. In fact, we’ve been launching a lot of initiatives, and this is one of them.”

Desurmont said with the travel recovery after COVID-19 well underway in Europe and across other parts of the world, the company was forging ahead.

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Quentin Desurmont, Founder and President, Serandipians in the Greek Isles for The Edge event.

Just last week, Traveller Made brought together a group of some 30 VIP travel designers from the likes of the US, South Africa, Russia, Ecuador and Lebanon in the Greek Isles at its first in-person event since December 2019.

“We’re back into life, we’re back into travel, we’re back into enjoying life together.”

“After COVID you want things to change. You don’t want to go back to your normal life. You want something more extraordinary for the future. So for that reason, I think it was also the perfect time,” Desurmont explained.

‘Serendipity’ comes from a Persian name for Sri Lanka. In the 18th century, Sir Horace Walpole coined the legend from an English variation of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip who made discoveries that they were not looking for on their quests. Desurmont says this explains the concept of the brand Serandipians.

“To be ready and open to go on the trip or an adventure of a lifetime. And it is is our job to create serendipitous moments for clients.”

“Anybody can book a hotel. My 12-year-old son can go and book a hotel and a cheap flight. Anybody can do that. Serandipians are not in that business. If we’re in that business then we’re dead. But if we’re in the business of creating dreams for our clients, we can do something spectacular,” Desurmont told LATTE.

Traveller Made-turned-Serandipians delegates attending The Edge event in Mykonos last week were among the first to get a taste of the new branding, logo and manifesto – the DNA of the business – “and they loved it,” he said.

“All the reactions are very positive. ‘You’re making the brand more modern, edgier. It’s a luxury name. It’s a sophisticated name‘ was just some of the feedback.”

The company has rebranded its website from to, and members and partners around the world have already begun receiving their new Serandipians branding.

A video for the launch of the rebrand featuring the new Serandipians manifesto was also rolled out to members and partners. It can be viewed below.

Meanwhile, Desurmont said the Traveller Made name will continue to be used as an umbrella brand, with other projects to be revealed at a later date.

The Serandipians President also confirmed that The Essence of Luxury annual event will return to Marbella, Spain in late March/early April 2022.

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