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What you need to know about Switzerland's COVID entry requirements and more

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The long wait is finally over! Switzerland is no longer just a dream, but a dream coming true.

Australians craving for their Swiss fix can now not only look forward to being welcomed back with wide-open arms, but also to a host of brand new and thoroughly enriching experiences.

From the snowy peaks and glassy lakes to soft rolling hills and quaint picture-perfect postcard-like villages, the only preparations required before heading over are knowing the following.

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Entering Switzerland

At this stage, fully vaccinated individuals (ie. those who have received two doses of the vaccine), those who have recovered and those who can present a negative COVID-19 result test (either PCR or antigen) on arrival can travel into Switzerland.

Fully vaccinated visitors to Switzerland must present a completed entry form and are encouraged to either apply for the Swiss COVID certificate or convert their existing non-EU certificates via an online form from the Federal Office of Public Health website. Effective immediately, only Swiss and EU certificates will be accepted at indoor spaces around the country, including dining venues, bars, art galleries, museums, fitness facilities, and shops.

The COVID certificates come in the form of a QR code, which can either be printed or presented in a mobile phone app. It will contain information on the holder’s COVID-19 status, ie. whether they are vaccinated, recovered or have recently tested negative.

Apart from providing the basic information on the applicant’s nationality, length of stay, local address and reason for visiting Switzerland, the COVID certificates are only applicable to individuals who have received any of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. These include those manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

Applicants of the certificate must also provide proof of arrival into Switzerland by presenting their flight tickets, train tickets or passes, coach bookings, cruise tickets and accommodation bookings.

Tourists can apply for the Swiss COVID Certificate online at https://covidcertificate-form.admin.ch/foreign.

The myswitzerland.com/open homepage also has all the current information and is updated regularly.

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Clean & Safe

To ensure the health and safety of locals, businesses and visitors alike, the “Clean & Safe” label implemented by Switzerland’s tourism trade associations will continue to play an integral role. This label gives people the confidence and assurance that the venues they are visiting and service providers they are transacting with are adhering to the necessary protective protocols and recommendations.

These new and strict standards for hygiene and behavioural guidelines provided by the country’s Federal Office of Public Health and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs strive to ensure the highest possible degree of protection against the spread of the coronavirus.

To date, more than 4,000 businesses around the country proudly and prominently display the “Clean & Safe” label at their place of operation. These businesses include service providers in the accommodation, gastronomy and transportation sectors, as well as wellness facilities, event venues and other tourism and hospitality-related attractions.

For more information on the different types of measures implemented by each sector, visit the “Clean & Safe” webpage and click on the respective tabs provided.

Travel Advisors

More so than ever, travel advisors will play one of the most crucial roles in travel and holiday bookings. Not only will advisors be required to inform their clients on the latest news and updates on health and safety requirements of the destination(s) of interest, airlines and tour providers, they will also be heavily relied upon for ensuring itineraries meet their clients’ needs, expectations and requirements.

To stay updated with not only the safety requirements of Switzerland, but also the abundance of experiences, local insights, news, tour itineraries and activities around the country, the Trade Corner on Switzerland Tourism’s website remains one of the most useful resources. Subscribing to the regular e-newsletter for announcements, ideas, and inspiration is also highly recommended.

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Seamless Tour Bookings

Options are endless when it comes to itineraries, activities, experiences and tour packages. Presenting clients with a range of specially curated programs, recommendations and making the necessary bookings can be done easily and swiftly with any of Switzerland Tourism’s preferred partners.

For the full list of partners and further information on what they each offer in and around Switzerland, advisors can head to Where to book, and get in touch with the most suitable supplier(s).

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Upskill and Get Certified

New and experienced travel advisors looking to polish or even enhance their knowledge on Switzerland and its bountiful product offerings are encouraged to sign up to the Switzerland Travel Academy.

A specially designed learning platform that is accessible via smart mobiles, tablets and desktops, advisors can learn at their own pace by following the structured modules of the program. The aim of this Academy is to equip advisors with the necessary information, tools and tips that not only help them better understand Switzerland and its offerings, but importantly, prepare them to sell these experiences more confidently.

Upon completion of the modules, advisors will receive a certification qualifying them as Switzerland experts.



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