Savenio to entice travel advisors back to the industry

New flat rate monthly fee to help undecided agents rebuild their businesses

Savenio has made further tweaks to its recently realigned commission models in a bid to encourage some of the thousands of undecided travel advisors back into the industry.

David Brandon, Managing Director of Savenio outlined the new structure yesterday [Wednesday 10 November 2021] in an online national advisor briefing.

Savenio’s revamped structure offers 85, 95 and 100% commission models for a monthly access fee of $175 per advisor. The model aims to provide “maximum flexibility and optimum operational success” in the post-COVID world of travel, the company said.

The earlier structure required a $330 or $660 per month access fee for the 85 and 95% models.

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To qualify a minimum of three year’s industry experience is required for each model; and turnover of a minimum of $500,000 for the 85% model; $1,000,000 for the 95% model; and $1,750,000 for the “Elite 100”.

According to Savenio’s commission calculator, an affiliate advisor with a yearly turnover of $1.5 million will earn a commission before expenses of $160,905 (85% model), $179,835 (95% model) or $189,300 (Elite 100 model).

“COVID saw many advisors, particularly those at the luxury end, supporting clients with rebooking and refunds which essentially meant they were working for nothing,” Brandon said.

“This was followed by a significant period of no turnover and many advisors still haven’t made the decision to re-engage with the industry. Savenio is offering an opportunity to support advisors as they move back into the market and start to rebuild their business.”

Brandon said the new Savenio advisor model offered a reduced membership fee and scalable options, with high-yielding members receiving an annual bonus which increases as they reach turnover targets – giving advisors more flexibility as the travel market resumes.

David Brandon, Managing Director, Savenio

“Our new model recognises the travel industry is undergoing a complete reboot and with so many stop-starts and unknowns, Savenio’s new model will bring a level of confidence to our advisors as they ease back in and expand their business.

“Importantly Savenio is able to provide advisors with support to build confidence with their clients with up to the minute information on COVID restrictions, requirements, insurance and travel challenges which is essential knowledge for successful international travel.

“While we are beginning to see demand for international bookings creep back, many travel clients are waiting to see what international travel is going to look like and to understand what the experience is going to be before they commit.

Brandon said clients want to be 100% certain they are protected and supported if their flight gets cancelled or if they get sick while they are away and only the most skilled, experienced, qualified and professional advisor, backed up by a strong network with solid protocols is going to be able to offer that kind of assurance.

The Virtuoso member agency is backed up by some of the best affiliate benefits in the industry and delivered by expert advisors across Australia.

“Post-COVID travel requires so much more to navigate and travellers really need someone who knows the business, the destination and how to get the right outcome and Savenio advisors are the best placed to achieve the right outcome for their clients,” he concluded.


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