Six in the City – a campaign for women by women

Switzerland Tourism's first ever focus on a specific gender

Lavaux, Six in the city

Switzerland Tourism has launched a campaign exclusively aimed at women for the first time in the tourism bureau’s history. The ‘Six in the City’ campaign is inspired by the American TV series “Sex and the City” (1998–2004) and two films derived from the hit show.

The concept builds on Forbes research which found 80% of travel decisions are made by women, regardless of whom they are travelling with. Among the tourists booking adventure, cultural or nature holidays, 75% are women between the ages of 20 and 70.

National Geographic had also identified women-only trips as a leading travel trend for 2020 as demand shifted away from traditional wellness trips towards a very broad spectrum of interests.

Lausanne, Six in the city

This latest campaign by Switzerland Tourism not only reflects the spirit of the times, but also responds to a real need. According to Tourism Monitor Switzerland (TMS) 2017, Switzerland’s cities are also attracting an especially young crowd: more than 40% of the cities’ visitors are aged between 26 and 40, while the corresponding proportion of guests throughout the country as a whole is less than 30%.

Armed with that intel, the team at Switzerland Tourism developed their own take on the US hit series, with the idea of making a trailer for a fictional film about six girlfriends who live in different countries and go on a city trip through Switzerland together.

Six in the City’s sextet not only learn a lot about the urban lifestyle in Switzerland’s cities, but also about themselves and their friendship. The trailer whets the appetite for the film and – since it is fictional, after all – for “the real thing” that serves as the inspiration behind it: the chance to discover Switzerland’s cities with a group of girlfriends, based on the recommendations of the six characters (Nikki, Inès, Amber, Manon, Chiara and Rose).

Zürich, Six in the city

Swiss towns and cities for women: an inviting source of fascination

Switzerland’s cities are a constant source of surprise and are best discovered on foot. That’s because, in Switzerland, both well-known tourist sites and lesser-known insider tips are more easily accessible within walking distance than anywhere else: this is true whether you’re looking for natural beauty right in the heart of the city or on its outskirts, nightlife, or a wide spectrum of art and culture. All this is not just sustainable, it’s also extremely refreshing. The safe environment and pleasant atmosphere make for relaxed stays for women travelling alone or as part of a group.

The characters, their passions and destinations

Switzerland’s cities, in all their variety, offer exactly the kind of escape that groups of friends are looking for. Six such friends are sharing their urban discoveries as part of the “Six in the City” campaign.

Active city breaks with Nikki

Nikki, a yoga teacher, cannot imagine a trip away with friends without encouraging them to be active. What better location than Switzerland’s cities to fulfil her calling? It’s so easy to combine fun discoveries with sporting activities here. In her program, Nikki has included urban bike trips, such as in Locarno, a fast-paced guided tour of Geneva, and a tour of Zurich by stand-up paddle board. For a spot of relaxation after all this hard work, she chose around 15 beaches and swimming pools in the heart of the cities, such as in Bern, where you can swim in the River Aare with breathtaking views of the seat of the Swiss Parliament, or in Locarno, where you can soak up some late-summer sunshine on the magnificent 600-metre-long sandy beach of Lido Locarno. She also suggests escaping for a night or more to hotels in the mountains or surrounded by countryside, but still right next to cities, such as at the Pilatus Kulm, on the Pilatus, which overlooks Lucerne, or the Hotel & Lounge Laggo Maggiore, which overlooks Lake Maggiore, above Locarno.

Lavaux, Six in the city

Savouring Switzerland’s cities with Inès

For Inès, a time-pressed businesswoman, enjoying shared experiences with friends (also) involves food. She has noted a few places to try all the flavours of Switzerland’s cities, including some of the most popular bars with a nice terrace for an aperitif, such as “Ta cave” in Lausanne, Switzerland’s leading wine bar, which was set up after a crowdfunding campaign. Her personal bucket list includes urban hotels, 12 locations that reflect their city’s particular way of life, such as the very cool Nomad & Design Lifestyle Hotel in Basel or the romantic Hôtel du Lac in Vevey.
But Inès’ top tip for an urban culinary stroll is to book a tour with “Taste My Swiss City”: over the course of a single meal, participants head from one restaurant to another and take the time to taste the good things in life in 13 Swiss cities.

History and architecture with Amber

Amber, a young architect, is keen on travelling through time and Switzerland’s architecture with her friends. She takes them to districts where leading names in contemporary architecture, such as Herzog & de Meuron or Richard Meier in Basel have left their mark. Modernity and aesthetics are ever-present as you discover the buildings to which major Swiss museums have recently moved, such as the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA) in Lausanne, the LAC Arte e Cultura in Lugano and the Grisons Museum of Fine Arts in Chur. But Amber is not just fascinated by contemporary architecture: she also wants to understand the cities’ history over the centuries by visiting key historical locations, such as the three castles of Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or tracing the textile industry on a walk through St.Gallen or the watch-making industry in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Her heart also flits between past and present: it’s a difficult choice between a stay at a Swiss Historic Hotel or one with a much more modern, artsy design…

Lausanne, Six in the city

Street art, photography, sculpture – Manon loves art of all kinds

Manon, a painter and designer, lives to be creative, and her trip offers an opportunity to find new sources of inspiration in all the forms of art that find expression in Switzerland’s cities. In her notepad full of sketches, she has also noted all the places and experienced that have made a mark here: visits to admire street art in Lugano and Basel, and bike trips through Zurich to see some of the 1,300 pieces of outdoor art – from graffiti to sculptures – scattered throughout its streets. She was particularly struck by the harmony between nature and architecture in several museums, such as at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern and the Fondation Beyeler in Basel. Even at the hotel, before going to sleep, she could look at works by famous Swiss and international artists from the comfort of her own bed and dream of coming back soon to see some of the exhibitions featured in the Swiss museums calendar

No time to sleep, even at night, for Chiara

As a DJ, Chiara is used to a nocturnal lifestyle. More than anything, she loves partying and, during the day, strolling through flea markets in search of vintage pieces. She has tracked down the trendiest bars for her friends, with the most stunning city views at night, such as the Sky Terrace at the Schweizerhof hotel in Bern or Rooftop 42 in Geneva. And if you really have to rest, you might as well choose a hotel that also has breathtaking views, such as from the whirlpool on the terrace of the suite at Hôtel Anker in Lucerne – perfect for six – or over Lake Maggiore and the surrounding mountains at Locarno’s Belvedere Hotel. She hopes there will still be some time left to try out the nightlife in all of Zurich’s little open-air bars, to dance and – who knows! – maybe even meet someone…

Zürich, Six in the city

Recharge your batteries with Rose

A married mother of three, Rose wants to use this getaway to rest and recharge her batteries. For that matter, after all their urban adventures, all six friends will need to top up their energy levels. Rose has chosen some of the best rejuvenating spas and hotels, such as the spectacular Termali Salini & Spa in Locarno and Zurich’s Thermalbad & Spa, with its infinity pool on the top floor and a 360-degree view of the city’s rooftops. From Ayurveda to treatments based on Alpine plants, the range of treatments is so varied that she wonders which each of her friends will choose. For her, a massage using honey produced by the bees at the Hôtel Schweizerhof in Bern seems so tempting…

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