Why Tourism is Pivotal to the Growth of the Sri Lankan Economy

Opinion piece by Authenticities


OPINION PIECE by Authenticities Sri Lanka

In recent weeks, Sri Lankans have taken to the streets by storm, protesting against the high cost of living and scarcity of essentials.

The island nation’s pressing matters have further boiled down to the point that its foreign currency reserves have virtually run dry and are facing the worst economic crisis since gaining independence from Britain in 1948 with acute food, fuel/gas shortages, soaring prices and power cuts. Tourism is the third-largest source of foreign exchange for the country – behind worker remittances and the apparel industry – the essential sources that help the government-run the country.

Protests in Sri Lanka

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For Sri Lankans, the crisis has turned their daily lives into one of exercising the right to freedom, expression and organising peaceful protests on the streets against the present economic and political situation. Although implementing necessary changes for an economic revival and growth for a healthier future seems an arduous task, the people are hopeful that peaceful and non-violent revolution especially brought forward by the younger generation will thrust the government into action, and bring a system change and an end to flawed policies and rampant corruption.

As local travel traders, we understand how pivotal a role tourism plays to elevate the success of an economy in a country. Not only does it aid in increasing the revenue of an economy, but also creates thousands of jobs, develops the infrastructures, and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and locals. As tourism heightens an economy through foreign exchange earnings, a viable change could be made towards mitigating the current economic crisis as it reinvests in the economy. Despite ongoing protests held nationwide, the country remains safe for overseas travellers. The people of Sri Lanka continue to welcome travellers to the country and stay committed to providing all visitors with the utmost care and hospitality that we are known for.

Authenticities guide Brindley, leading a foodie tour in Colombo, with guests able to walk among the protestors and even shared a meal with some.

Here’s what our recent travellers have to say:

“Thank you very much for everything you and your staff did to make our trip to Sri Lanka so magical… I know many foreigners would be concerned about the headlines over the protests. Please tell them that we never once felt any danger whatsoever. I really encourage your guests to make the trip. They will not be disappointed!” David A. McCreery (USA)

“… Despite the country’s challenges our trip was unaffected and we had an amazing time… the best way we can help the country is supporting tourism, the welcome is warmer than ever and the protests are peaceful and safe.” Lisa Fitzell – MD at Elegant Resorts (UK)

“We are having an AMAZING trip so far – truly cannot say enough good things about our time in Sri Lanka… We ended up having dinner with the chairman of Authenticities and his friend who’s an economics professor last night, which was a really meaningful addition that allowed us to dive deep into current politics/economics. We are so glad to have been there to support the Sri Lankan economy during these challenging days.” Hilary & Joshua (USA)

Authenticities Sri Lanka is a DMC located in Colombo with offices all around Sri Lanka. Authenticities are available to tailor your clients’ trips to Sri Lanka.

For more information on Authenticities or Sri Lanka in general please contact Authenticities Sales & Business Development Manager in Australia, Kirsty Thomas-Thoeun on kirsty@authenticitiessrilanka.com


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