Virtuoso previews first global campaign at Travel Week

First-look at luxury global travel network's new commercial

Virtuoso is preparing to launch its first-ever global campaign in a move aimed to attract more high-value travellers to the luxury travel network.

Two years in the making, Virtuoso used this year’s 34th annual Travel Week in Las Vegas as the platform to preview a concept video it intends to roll out in key source markets, amplifying the brand’s positioning among consumers.

Helen McCabe-Young, Senior Vice President, Marketing for Virtuoso said “the time could not be better to globally expand our collective universe of Virtuoso-advised travellers,” as she revealed details of a study showing a strong preference for Virtuoso travel advisors over others in the same space. McCabe-Young also offered the first official look of Virtuoso’s new video with a branding message of “So Virtuoso”.

The 60-second clip centres around strong destination imagery from around the globe and Virtuoso partners, a dramatic orchestral soundtrack, while playing on the positivity connected to the use of “so” before a word, such as ‘so kind’, ‘so mindful’, ‘so helpful’, ‘so sincere’, ‘so connected’ and so on. The video also incorporates the faces of familiar travel advisors, including those of Australia’s own Anthony Goldman from Travelcall (Goldman Travel Corporation) in Melbourne, and Mike Dwyer of Main Beach Travel, on the Gold Coast.

[While the official version of the video has not been distributed as yet by Virtuoso, LATTE, like many others in the audience at Travel Week, captured the clip on their iPhone, and we are sharing the video here for you our readers to see it too.]

“Growing awareness of the value of Virtuoso advisors and our extraordinary partners’ experiences together will attract the right high-value travellers so everyone can optimise their business,” McCabe-Young explained.

The video, alongside initiatives to rebrand and reimagine Virtuoso’s magazine, Virtuoso Life (which will now be known as Virtuoso – The Magazine) and some enhancements to the Wanderlust platform, come as a direct result of listening to the feedback of travel advisor members who were surveyed to identify what was important to them?

“Among other things, you told us to prioritise engaging clients and finding more high-value travellers,” McCabe said.

“Well, we listened and we did our research, including a deep dive into identifying the qualities that distinguish truly high-value travellers and how we can attract more. Now we are ready.”

The friendly face of Travelcall's Managing Director, Anthony Goldman - coming to a screen near you!

McCabe-Young said research that was undertaken by YouGov showed there was strong growth in the affluent market, particularly in the under 40 segment, and that data shows that the high-value travellers are looking to spend 34% more next year than this year.

The research also determined that Virtuoso-advised travellers value and trust their advisor more than any other resource – as much as six times more – and more than they trust their own friends.

They are loyal and they keep returning to the advisor to book more (37%) trips, compared to those who use non-Virtuoso advisors, or those who choose to do-it-yourself (DIYs).

“Our ability to attract new travellers who value their Virtuoso advisor, and the experiences our partners provide, have never been stronger.”

“And we’ve never been more ready than we are right now.”

Mike Dwyer from Main Beach Travel, also features in the new Virtuoso campaign clip.

“We’re in the right place to tell the world you are the very best at what you do and the competitive playing field is wide open to us,” McCabe noted.

“This is not a play for more business, but instead optimising the travel advisor’s business based on where they are and focused on the highest value travellers who spend and appreciate your expertise.”

Fiona Dalton, General Manager Australia/New Zealand for Virtuoso, told LATTE she was excited Virtuoso was taking this next step in terms of its strategic direction.

“This will help us elevate the brand in Australia and bring new-to-brand consumers to our membership audience.

“Even more importantly, this is a campaign that transcends not only our members but our partners too. That’s why I’m so thrilled about this opportunity that this presents us,” Dalton said.

More from LATTE in tomorrow’s Special Edition, Virtuoso Travel Week Gazette.

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