Opportunity in ‘Work from Anywhere’ clients, says Goldman

Travel advisors can capitalise on clients' extended bleisure trips

The evolution of ‘working from home’ to ‘working from anywhere’ is an opportunity for luxury travel advisors to capitalise, says Anthony Goldman, Chair of the Virtuoso Global Member Advisory Board.

During the pandemic, companies around the world learned the true value of employee trust and commitment, with staff required to ‘get the work done’ from their home offices. Many businesses still implement a hybrid job role, with a mixed number of days in the office and working from home.

It is that workplace flexibility that Goldman – who is Joint Managing Director of Goldman Travel Group which includes Goldman Travel Sydney, Travelcall Melbourne and Sydney, The Cruise Centre by Travelcall and Smartflyer Australia – addressed on the panel of Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas last month.

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“Working from anywhere is now a theme in workplace,” Goldman said.

“A lot of people are now taking extended time away but only taking a week’s leave and then jumping online for a week.

“They are working from home but they are in Fiji, they are in Bali, they’re wherever. That’s an important element –  working from anywhere – and I think we can take advantage of it.

“If people are in that situation now with their work, it doesn’t matter now where in the world they are working,” he said.

Beth Washington, of Getaway Guild/Smartflyer, also on the panel at Travel Week, said increasingly her clients are interweaving a visit to their family with a vacation, and working from there.

Anthony Goldman, Chair of the Global Virtuoso Advisory Council

“They’re gone three-, four-weeks. These kinds of combinations of reasons to travel are all merging together, and they can – they are completely agnostic – wherever they travel now,” Washington said.

Survey results from a recent report by Hilton on travel trends in the Asia-Pacific region highlighted the lines between work and personal trips have become “increasingly blurred as vacation time is increasingly being added to work trips.”

“Our study shows that work trips are not only extended for extra downtime, but leisure travel also needs to be flexible and connected enough to allow for an element of remote working or working from anywhere,” said Ben George, SVP and Commercial Director, Hilton, Asia Pacific.

The Hilton report said the rise of remote working has accelerated an “always-on” culture. Nearly two-thirds of the employed survey respondents from Australia said they cannot seem to switch off their work mode, despite saying they would like to. While 64% of Australians said they would choose to do some form of work while travelling.

Hilton’s booking data recorded an increase of up to two days in the average length of stay from 2019 to 2022 in Asia Pacific, with some regions up to four days.

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