Off-ship experiences available aboard Seabourn Venture

From Zodiacs and kayaking, to diving aboard a 6-person submarine into the abyss

In this week’s Seabourn ‘Ship of the Month’ feature for Seabourn Venture, we provide some insight on the Polar-class ship’s onboard ‘toys’ that guests are able to experience while sailing aboard the vessel in certain locations.

Zodiacs & Kayaks

Zodiac boats are the workhorses of Seabourn’s expeditions. These watercrafts revolutionised cruising to extraordinary destinations. They are the cruise line’s means for landing on trackless beaches, desert isles, and far-flung icy shores where no docks or other facilities exist. They are magic carpets that carry guests on scenic passages up towering fjords, past breaching whales and stately icebergs, and on forays into jungle-draped channels bright with nesting birds. They deliver explorers to untouched coral reefs, bobbing patiently as they snorkel or dive to their heart’s content.

Seabourn’s purpose-built expedition vessels have 24 Zodiacs that can gather beside the water-level shell doors on either side of Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, allowing the cruise line the option to take all guests on a complimentary Zodiac tour at once.

Double sea kayaks glide silently along shorelines, moving with silken grace as guests approach animals at eye level, finding them curious and unafraid. Noiseless kayaks allow adventurers to enjoy the snaps of brash ice in a glacier’s meltwater, the musical sound of a waterfall, and the ceaseless breath of breeze through old-growth forest. Seabourn can navigate tangled mangrove thickets teeming with life above and below the water, and slide over multicoloured tropical coral gardens.

Led by an expert member of Seabourn’s Expedition Team, these excursions offer an appealing option available for an additional charge.

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Snorkel & Scuba Gear

Snorkelling and scuba gear will open your guests eyes to the colourful underwater world in warm-water destinations. An array of masks, snorkels, and fins assures everyone a good fit. Expedition Team members can help beginners get started and show explorers the best snorkelling spots. Scuba divers with an advanced or higher qualification will have the complimentary opportunity to go diving in select locations around the world. All dives will be led by a qualified divemaster, and tanks and weight belts will be provided.

Custom-Built Submarines

Onboard Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are two six-person submarines that offer unique and unforgettable undersea experiences. Operated by experienced and licensed Expedition Team submarine pilots, these engineering marvels are capable of transporting guests beneath the surface, offering breathtaking views like surreal subsea realms beneath Antarctic waters, plunging underwater cliffs in fjords, or reef walls teeming with life in clear, tropical seas. These exceptionally rare experiences are available for an additional charge and are operated in select destinations.

Designed and equipped for discovery

  • Two technologically advanced submarines built by U-Boat Worx B.V. in the Netherlands
  • Interiors are luxuriously furnished with custom-embroidered upholstery, dual air conditioning systems, and Bluetooth stereo sound
  • Two transparent spheres with seating for three guests each
  • Seating platforms swivel 280 degrees for easy viewing on all sides
  • Capable of multiple dives a day to depths of up to 1,000 feet (300 m) at three knots
  • Powerful exterior lights reveal full colour range, highlighting a fascinating underwater world
  • HD videocam systems record inside and outside action for later projection and souvenirs
  • A six-function remote arm can be used to manipulate or retrieve objects outside the sub

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