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Welcome to Swisstainable.


We are now living in the age of sustainability, and the pandemic has increased our desire for authenticity, proximity to nature and considerate consumption. Switzerland has always taken care to strike a balance between the needs of our guests, the needs of the local population and the needs of the environment.

Switzerland ranks at the top of international rankings in the area of sustainability, but this is too little known by visitors. In the future, Switzerland Tourism intends to develop Switzerland from a “hidden champion” to the most sustainable travel destination in the world.

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Creating a movement

Switzerland Tourism can only achieve this together with the entire industry. All touristic service providers which are committed to sustainability can join the movement and contribute to the sustainable development of Switzerland as a travel destination. The launch of the Swisstainable initiative is the first step in a long-term commitment by the entire Swiss tourism industry.

What the elements of Swisstainable are.

  1. Swisstainable strategy: The overarching sustainability strategy
  2. Swisstainable program: The three-level programme for tourism service providers
  3. Swisstainable emblem:
    1. the brand that Switzerland Tourism uses to communicate sustainability
    2. and, at the same time, the recognition that touristic service providers receive when
      participating in the Swisstainable program.
  4. Swisstainable campaign: Launched by Switzerland Tourism as of summer 2021, which will be integrated into the “I need Switzerland” bracket.
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1. Swisstainable strategy

View Tourism Switzerland’s detailed Swisstainable strategy paper online here.

2. Swisstainable program

  • The program shall provide guidance for guests.
  • It is not a new certification, but a model for the classification of existing certifications and credentials.
  • The program is open to all Swiss tourism businesses, no matter whether they already have extensive sustainability certifications or have newly embarked on this journey.
  • It was developed together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) and industry experts from various tourism sectors.
  • The national tourism industry associations fully support the program and will motivate its members to participate.

The program consists of three levels.

  • All detailed information on the program are available on
  • For a summary of the program, check out this flyer in English.
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3. Swisstainable emblem

Within its communication, Switzerland Tourism uses the general Swisstainable emblem.

Touristic service providers which participate in the Swisstainable program are entitled to use one of these
emblems, depending on their level.

International cooperations

As of 24 March 2021, the partnership with three different sustainable partners will be published. Those partners are Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-I) and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

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International Tour Operator cooperations

The Travel Corporation (TTC) is one of a number of travel companies that have aligned with the Swisstainable movement. In its first year, TTC set out to achieve 20% of all Swiss supplier inventory to be participating in the initiative. Instead, it achieved a 32% level,” said Andrew Young, TTC Tour Brands Oceania.

The TTC, which represents touring brands such as Luxury Gold, Insight and Trafalgar, will be highlighting the Swisstainable message as part of its marketing over the next few months to reinforce the strategy, as it sets out to highlight Switzerland’s environmental focus in 2023.

An example of a high-end Swisstainable Experience offered through The Travel Corporation is a guided visit focused on sustainable energy at Lucerne Transport Musuem, Mt Stanserhorsn  cable car and meeting with conservation ranges, with Luxury Gold.

Wageleis Rock Passage Tell Trail

Other tips and suggestions to practice Swisstainable

11 Tips for responsible tourism in Switzerland

Travelling in Switzerland means discovering gorgeous landscapes, meeting interesting locals and broadening horizons. But travel and consumption also use up resources. These tips will enable you to not only minimise your environmental footprint, but also enjoy a unique, authentic and memorable travel adventure.

Packing list for environmentally conscious travel around Switzerland

Pack the right things – it means less for you to carry, and it’s better for the environment too.

Hand on heart, how many times have you come back from your holidays only to put your unworn clothes right back into your closet? Tourists have a tendency to pack much more than they really need. Our selection of essentials for holidays in Switzerland will ensure that you don’t have to lug as much stuff around the country, and you’ll be helping the environment too.

Rigi Bahnen

Sustainable travel by public transport

Hands down, the most sustainable way of travelling in Switzerland is by public transport. Riding a panoramic train, hopping on a scenic bus route, or embarking on a lake cruise is not only inspiring and memorable. These experiences are also kind to the environment as they increasingly run on energy from renewable sources.

Carfree destinations

Saunter through our tranquil, car-free resorts. And soak up the relaxed atmosphere. You’ll find all the information on Switzerland’s car-free tourist resorts.

Switzerland’s best e-bike tour – Route 1291

The name of this route speaks for itself: Its seven stages take you through the cradle of Switzerland.
The origins and culture of Central Switzerland are explored as you tour along refreshing lakes, scenic mountain pass roads and valleys steeped in history. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample some culinary highlights and specialities.

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