Urban running: The Swiss cities as a running paradise

Four cities, three routes, breathtaking scenery abounds


Lace-up your running shoes and get ready for a Tour of the Swiss cities. The cities of Switzerland impress with their short distances and proximity to nature. A refreshing lake or river is always nearby, green parks alternate with modern architecture. Culture and history are everywhere. Running is the best way to discover the Swiss cities. This way you see more, but you’re not too fast to miss the beauty. Let’s go!

Four cities, 12 routes

On runner Mike discovers the 4 cities and their most beautiful sights and hidden gems on 3 different routes – 5K, 10K and 15K. In 4 long spots (+- 4mins) he let us be part of his exploration.

Basel: The city of art


Exciting, full of contrasts, on the Rhine

Basel is pure culture. The home city of Art Basel has the highest museum density in the country. The city is a place of contrasts. Runners run through the historic old town, experience modern architecture and the Rhine. We’ll take you on three different routes: We run into the centre, along the impressive Rhine, but also into the harbour district, where a completely different world awaits you.

1. The harbour circuit – The 5 km route
2. The design architecture old town route – The 10 km route
3. Route into the green – The 15 km route

Geneva: City of peace


International, home of the Jet d’eau

Geneva is the most international city in the country. It has the energy of a big city and the tranquillity of a small town. The Jet d’eau, a 140-metre-high water fountain, is omnipresent. For runners, Geneva offers many paths along the water. We’ll take you on three different routes: To the UN headquarters in Europe, along the lake promenade, but also to unknown neighbourhoods.

1. Around the Jet d’eau – Geneva’s landmark – The 5 km route
2. The diversified lap with culuture – The 10 km route
3. Route to the satellite town – The 15 km route

Lugano: City in the south


Mediterranean, sunny, relaxing

The south is calling. Lugano has always been a place of longing. This has to do with the Mediterranean climate on one hand and the local specialities on the other. However, there will be little time for food during the runs. But there is plenty of time for the lake and the mountains. Runners run across colourful squares, past cafés and through forests to unique viewpoints. We’ll take you on three different routes: We run around the lake, up the local mountains and through breathtaking parks.

1. Around Lago di Lugano – The 5 km route
2. Via the olive path to Monte Bre – The 10 km route
3. From San Salvatore down to Morcote – The 15 km route

Zurich: City by the water


Cosmopolitan, vibrant, young

Zurich is the largest and probably also the most diverse city in Switzerland. The cosmopolitan city at the waterfront combines city life with unspoilt nature. From the banks of the Limmat to the top of the Uetliberg: runners love Zurich because of its greenery. We take you on three different routes through Zurich and show you not only the highlights but also unknown spots of the city.

1. Urban Zurich around Lochergut – The 5 km route
2. The downtown round – The 10 km route
3. Pure nature meets urbanity – The 15 km route

For more information, go to MySwitzerland.com/runthecities.


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