Antarctic operators’ fuel consumption under the microscope

IAATO to collect and aggregate data from cruise lines for the first time

Members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) will be required to provide their seasonal fuel consumption data when sailing in the Antarctic, effective the 2022/23 season.

The move is part of its pledge to create a climate change strategy for Antarctic tourism.

The fuel data submission, which will include vessels of all sizes, aircraft, and accessory vehicles, will be used within the responsible tourism association to understand the greenhouse gas footprint of IAATO operations in Antarctica.

Data collected will then be used as the basis to monitor and refine emission reduction targets the IAATO membership has collectively agreed to make.

Individual operators are expected and encouraged to go further in their own targets.

Image credit: Antarctica/Pixabay

IAATO operators have also unanimously pledged to track the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) target of at least 50% emissions reductions by 2050 compared with 2008 and global goals of net zero before 2050. This, accompanied by an agreement by each member to build their own climate strategy and set their own emission reduction targets, is the start of a collective push to account for and reduce IAATO-Operator emissions.

“Ultimately, we seek to go much further towards net positive impact, but the current challenge in shipping and aviation is that we don’t yet know what future fuels and technologies will be available to us, ” said Pam Le Noury, Chair of IAATO’s Climate Change Committee, said:

“This latest commitment by our Operators to submit their fuel data to the IAATO Secretariat for analysis, means that once we have acceleration in the development of sustainable fuels and other technologies, we will be in a strong position to act to reduce emissions further.”

Image credit: Antarctica/Pixabay

“Cooperative and coordinated international responses are required to understand global climate change and reduce emissions,” said Amanda Lynnes, IAATO Director of Environment & Science Coordination.

“One of IAATO’s strengths is the ability of its diverse membership to take collective action, often over and above what is required by global regulators.

“Our members remain agile in response to emerging technologies and global recommendations surrounding climate change and are committed to taking powerful steps to act for Antarctica.”

IAATO membership consists of 107 members – 43 operators, 13 provisional operators, 45 associate members and six non-profit Associates. The newest members to be admitted include Exploris Expeditions & Cruises, New World Travel, ORCA, Swoop Antarctica, Arakur Experience and Shackleton’s Way Ship Agent & Suppliers (granted Associate status).

Lead image credit: Jeremy Stewardson/Unsplash

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