PONANT to introduce polar trek in Greenland

Le Commandant Charcot to offer unique new multi-day 'Polar Raid' exploration

PONANT is set to launch a new polar odyssey, off-ship, multi-day adventure for guests sailing to the Arctic aboard Le Commandant Charcot.

The French ultra-luxury expedition cruise company has offered a sneak peek of the new 3-day, 2-night polar trek, dubbed the Polar Raid, after its team carried out a reconnaissance mission for the adventure in May this year.

This unique immersive experience will be offered in the “remote extremes of Greenland” accessed by foot (skis) and pulk (a sledge pulled behind the guest carrying supplies and equipment). The adventure connects participants with local Inuits in the remote wilderness of Ittoqqortoormiit. From the settlement of Ulunarteq at the entrance to Scoresbysund, small groups of adventure seekers set off into Greenland’s mountains and white wilderness where they establish a base camp (of tents) in the polar environment and spend two nights.

Adventurers return to Le Commandant Charcot

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“With the Le Commandant Charcot, we are able to reach previously inaccessible regions, to go beyond, to leave the ship and explore the destination in more depth, to immmerse ourselves even more deeply in the local culture of the Far North’s most isolated inhabitants,” said Benoit Carassou-Maillan, Director of Strategy and Product Development at Ponant.

Two departures for a very limited number of guests will be offered in 2023, and three departures in 2024.

Learn more about the reconnaissance for the new trek on the YouTube video below.

Learn more about Le Commandant Charcot at le-commandant-charcot.com/en

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