Tillberg Design offers sneak peek aboard Four Seasons Yacht

"Imagine that Christina O meets James Bond!”

Credit: Tillberg Design of Sweden

Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) has offered insight about the design inspiration of the newly announced Four Seasons Yacht project, along with the first glimpse inside the stylish vessel.

Fredrik Johansson, Partner and Executive Director, TDoS, said the condensed brief supplied to him by Philip Levine, one of the brain trusts behind the venture was “Imagine that Christina O meets James Bond!”

“It would be hard to go wrong there, you may think – but it is also a huge challenge. You must not go wrong – failure is simply not an option. Every part and every detail of the yacht has to be perfect!” Johansson said.

The Christina O is a charter yacht steeped in stories of the rich and famous, and has been used for entertaining some of the world’s most famous politicians, performers and other high-profile guests.

The Four Seasons Yacht, render and the design cues it has inherited from Christina O

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The historic Christina O | Source: Yacht Charter Fleet/Facebook

“There is also nothing better for a project than when you base the development on a clear vision like this. It immediately sparks endless imagination and possibilities – and it triggered us to design something that truly is unique, something that will turn classic and intimate experiences into life-long and incomparable memories,” Johansson continued.

Inspiration for Four Seasons Yacht was taken from the private and sophisticated atmosphere of Surf Club, Miami Beach – and the golden era of classic yachting.

The yacht’s exterior has been designed to create a truly timeless elegance, with a curvaceous and elegant architecture.

“We all love the harmonious lines and proportions of Christina O, which also featured a very generous and beautifully furbished aft pool deck.”

Four Seasons Yacht, Marina render | Credit: Tillberg Design of Sweden

Ergo, the Four Seasons Yachts will feature a 20-metre-long pool in the very aft, with the pool bottom doubling up as a stage for catwalks and live music, which suggests it could be raised to become a platform, as used by some river cruise lines.

Johannson said guests staying in the four-level, 892 sq m ‘Funnel Suite’ aboard Four Seasons Yachts will have their own private and direct lift from a tender platform at water level, allowing guests “to invite all your friends onboard in complete discretion.

“To us, this is as close as you will come to a true James Bond moment on any yacht!”

Four Seasons Yachts will also offer a port-to-starboard transversal marina, that has a terraced design that allows guests “to enjoy the sea first hand, with immediate access to water activities, and to ‘sea limousine’ transfers to shore.”

Four Seasons Yacht plans to have three vessels launched in the next five years, the first in 2025.

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