Luxury Space Travel added to personal travel managers’ repertoire

Space Perspective experiences now bookable with TravelManagers Australia

Grant Campbell, Troy Coelho from TravelManagers with Edyta Teper from Space Perspective

TravelManagers has added space travel to its suite of luxury travel offerings, thanks to its association with US-based luxury travel provider, Signature Travel Network.

It comes about thanks to a newly announced relationship between Signature and Space Perspective, which is billed as the only company in the world to offer carbon-neutral luxury spaceflight experiences. Based on current estimates, TravelManagers’ customers could be travelling to the edge of space in Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune pressurised capsule by as early as 2024.

Grant Campbell, TravelManagers’ Chief Operating Officer and Troy Coelho, Operations Manager, recently met with the team from Space Perspective, including Head of Global Sales and Trade Partnerships, Edyta Teper, while attending Signature Travel Network’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

The Spaceship Neptune capsule

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Campbell says TravelManagers is excited by the many possibilities offered by this new partnership, with Space Perspective’s new marine spaceport scheduled to begin test flights early next year and more than a thousand tickets for its commercial flights already sold.

“Commercial space travel experiences are projected to become a US$8 billion global market by 2030,” he observes. “TravelManagers’ partnership with Signature provides our personal travel managers (PTMs) with access to unique, luxury travel products like those offered by Space Perspective, along with all the necessary training and support to ensure that their customers have the best possible experience.”

According to Campbell, this support will include an introductory webinar prior to Christmas, to be followed up with a PTM roadshow in early 2023.

“Space travel is an entirely new category of travel, and PTMs need to be well-briefed to be able to satisfactorily answer the many questions that are likely to arrive from would-be customers,” he explains. “For example, those who are concerned by the environmental impact of space travel will want to know about Space Perspective’s innovative design features which set them apart from other space travel companies.”

Heidi Podjavorsek, VP Sales & Marketing Land & Specialty Supplier Partnerships at Signature Travel Network, with Edyta Teper, Space Perspective's Head of Global Sales, Trade Partnerships.

The experience offered by Space Perspective will be propelled by a high-performance SpaceBalloon that operates without emitting rocket fuel or inflicting high G-forces on its passengers, who will enjoy offers 360-degree views, a bar, interactive screens, Wi-Fi and a bathroom: an ultra-comfortable, accessible and gentle six-hour journey that Campbell agrees has the potential to redefine space travel.

“Like any luxury product, it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste or budget,” Campbell concedes. “But it is an exciting addition to an already impressive collection of luxury travel experiences that are available to TravelManagers customers as a result of our partnership with Signature.”

Lead image: TravelManagers’ COO Grant Campbell and Operations Manager Troy Coelho, with Space Perspective’s Head of Global Sales and Trade Partnerships, Edyta Teper, at Signature Travel Network’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

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