Adyen, ROLLER unite to speed up payments in Australia

Don't get stuck in the slow lane


Guest experience platform ROLLER, powered by Adyen for Platforms, is set to streamline payments and processes in the travel and hospitality sectors.

For Australian businesses, the time has come to kick your payments into high gear. Adyen, the global payments platform, and ROLLER, an all-in-one software provider for leisure and entertainment venues, have teamed up to provide an end-to-end solution platform for a fast and secure payment system that can save time and money while streamlining your operations.

Together they are revolutionising the hospitality and travel industry with their digitisation strategy by providing a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage payments, optimise the customer experience, and reduce operational costs whilst gaining a competitive advantage.

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Adyen is a global payment platform that helps merchants process payments quickly and securely in any currency. It’s ideal for businesses as it offers customers more payment options, reduces chargeback costs, and simplifies payment processes – digitising processes from booking to checkout. It provides a range of features such as fraud detection, data analytics, and international payments, as well as support for multiple payment methods.

ROLLER is an all-in-one platform that allows businesses to digitise their operations and perfect their processes to deliver an enhanced hospitality experience. Companies can benefit from features such as Ticketing, Point-of-Sale, Integrated Payments, CRM, Memberships, Gift Cards, Waivers, Self-Serve Kiosks, and Cashless Wallets, which can help them streamline and improve their services.

Together, they provide a powerful platform for leisure and entertainment businesses, enabling them to accept customer payments quickly and securely, reduce manual work and minimise fraud and chargebacks. This combination makes it easier for companies to deliver excellent customer experiences while reducing costs and increasing profits.

It also allows businesses to understand customer behaviour and preferences better to create a more tailored experience that keeps customers returning and enables companies to plan better marketing campaigns and grow their customer base, resulting in increased revenue and customer loyalty.

“Platforms are an evolving business model with more and more players entering the sector,” said Hayley Fisher, AUNZ Country Manager at Adyen. “Adyen for Platforms is designed to support platforms across their unique and complex customer journey. In working with ROLLER, we are incredibly proud to offer a fully integrated solution that can help enhance the overall customer experience both online and offline”.

Guest journeys that were once traditionally captured separately can now be interlinked from the initial purchase made online to purchases such as food, drinks and gifts made physically within the venues, through to post-visit sales when a guest purchases merchandise online.

“Delivering brilliant guest experiences is integral to everything we do at ROLLER. We’re honoured to partner with Adyen, leading the way in payment innovation, to make this a reality across our customers’ venues globally. The Adyen for Platforms integration has helped us better support our customers, not only with payment processing but, more importantly, from a guest experience standpoint. The robustness, scalability and data visualisation of our platform has improved significantly with Adyen,” said Will Nicholson, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Payments at ROLLER.

How you can benefit

Your business can analyse a guest’s journey at every touchpoint so that you can deliver more substantial guest experiences. Digitising operations and processes help to provide a high-end hospitality experience, and day-to-day operations run smoothly, making for optimum outputs.

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