Middle Eastern adventures with Captain’s Choice in 2023

Three itineraries through Saudi, Egypt and the Holy Lands

Captain’s Choice 2023 collection offers three Middle Eastern journeys; A Journey of the Gods, Ancient & Holy Lands and for the first time Desert Sands and Monuments of Saudi Arabia. These voyages delve into the Middle East’s rich history, where local treasures are recognised with World Heritage status, dramatic landscapes form backdrops to creative cultures, and the vision of pharaohs and their architects is captured in ancient monuments.

Desert Sands and Monuments of Saudi Arabia

Hegra, Saudi Arabia

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The little-known landscapes of Saudi Arabia are ripe for exploration on the Desert Sands and Monuments of Saudi Arabia journey. A group of just 24 guests will be immersed in fascinating realms, from the beguiling Red Sea coast to the staggering rock-cut monuments of AlUla. Unspoilt by mass tourism, an authentic experience in Saudi Arabia is assured.

The trip gets underway in the modern harbourside metropolis of Jeddah, at the midpoint of the Red Sea coastline, while its historic neighbourhood, Al-Balad, shows another side to the region, with its intricate network of ancient laneways. Guests will delve deep into the past at the extraordinary archaeological sites in one of Islam’s holiest cities, Medina, taking in the incredible Al Masjid an-Nabawi mosque, above the site of an historic seventh-century battle at Uhud Mountain.

They will have the chance to admire the hollow tombs of once-powerful leaders and the writings of citizens and scholars, permanently etched in the sprawling rock faces of Jabal Ikmah, as well as the grandest monument of all, the magnificent Hegra. Venturing into Saudi Arabia builds on Captain’s Choice’s long-held tradition of bringing new and exciting destinations to intimate groups of cultivated travellers.

The journey departs Jeddah on 4 October 2023 and is a 10-day itinerary.

A Journey of the Gods

Sanctuary Nile Adventurer

Granted passage along the storied River Nile aboard the privately chartered Sanctuary Nile Adventurer, A Journey of the Gods is navigated by seasoned Egyptologists. This journey is one of deep discovery, as travellers come face-to-face with a curated collection of Egypt’s most captivating and ancient treasures.

The journey begins with Abu Simbel, where 55 guests encounter the awe-inspiring Temple of Ramses II and pass beneath the four imposing statues of the pharaoh to observe the treasures inside. A comprehensive discovery of Egypt’s history, culture and extraordinary sites sees guests enter Chephren Pyramid, behold the Khufu Ship, once buried next to the pharaoh’s pyramid, and ride around the base of the pyramids by camel.

Travellers then visit the ancient Temple of Hathor, one of Egypt’s best-preserved monuments, which features a wealth of intricate engravings, including likenesses of Cleopatra and her son to Julius Caesar, Caesarion. The voyage concludes in Cairo following a cruise down the Nile through to Aswan.

The journey departs Cairo on 17 September 2023 and is a 16-day itinerary.

Ancient & Holy Lands

A returning favourite in 2023 is Ancient & Holy Lands. The first stop on this extraordinary adventure is Petra, a city carved into red desert cliffs, where temples chiselled in honour of deities still stand after 2000 years. The journey is reserved for just 24 guests, who will travel in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles across the sands of Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea.

Over the border in Jerusalem, one of the world’s oldest cities remains a significant holy site encompassing Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Guests will visit some of the world’s most important holy sites during their five-night stay in Jerusalem, from the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, as well as the Room of the Last Supper. The final stop on this journey takes travellers to the beaches of Tel Aviv, an inspiring backdrop to the lively city, where they will enjoy the city’s finest culinary creations, stroll along the boardwalk of historic Jaffa and share in the abundant gourmet treats at Sarona Market.

Mount al aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel

The journey departs Cairo on 13 October 2023 and is a 14-day itinerary.

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